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"Summer" Deposit

"Amarayin/Summer" deposit

Effective June 16, 2017 through August 31, 2017, take an opportunity to open a special "Amarayin/Summer" deposit with Converse Bank on below terms.

Currency AMD 
Type Without replenishment
Effective period 12 months
Annual simple interest 10% 10.5% upon opening deposit through Internet-Bank
Payment of interests Upfront at the beginning of the term
Minimum amount AMD 100,000 
Max aggregate deposit(s) per depositor AMD 50,000,000

Open AMARAIN Deposit and enjoy the following benefits:

  • No cash withdrawal fee is charged for cash payment of online Deposit at expiry.
  • "Special Offer" are applied to Depositors.
  • 50% discount is offered for use of safe deposit boxes at Kilikia and Nor Nork branches.

The customers opening Deposit within the scope of the Campaign can get ArCa Classic non-revolving credit card on below terms:

Repayment Annuity-based, by equal monthly installments
Limitation for use of credit card


The credit card can be used within 2 months from issuance, only when making purchases from companies partnering with the Bank under ConverseQvota.


List of partnering companies here.


Credit limit Triple Deposit amount, but no more than AMD 1,500,000
Annual interest rate 0%
Origination fee AMD 10,000 (one-time, payable before issuance of credit card)
Max maturity 15 months, first installment is made starting from the 4th month (3-month grace period is granted for the first 3 months).
Fines and penalties Upon breach of due dates, the Borrower pays the Bank a penalty at 0.5% of the overdue loan for each day of delay.
The Bank applies a one-time penalty of AMD 5,000 on the 5th business day for delay in principal payment.
Card issuance and card account service fee AMD 0
Security For Loans of up to 100% Deposit amount - cash on Deposit account (respective portion thereof), and above 100% - unsecured for the amount in excess.
LTV ratio Up to 300%,
Creditworthiness requirements
The applicant has to be a registered employee at the date of filing of loan application, and within a year preceding the date of application:
  • should not have credit liabilities (including guarantees) classified higher than "standard"
  • total overdue period should not surpass 20 days.

At the Depositor’s discretion, the Deposit Agreement will be extended at expiry on the terms and conditions applied by the Bank to PROGRESS or ORAKAN (Daily) deposits at the particular date.