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"InterExpress" is an international system of rapid money transfers between physical individuals without account opening. Available in roubles, US dollars and EUR.

"InterExpress" system covers hundreds of participant banks, which use the latest technologies to provide information on the transmission and dealing of money transfers.

Privileges of "InterExpress"

  • Reasonable rate policy
  • High-technology software
  • A wide network of points for transfer acceptance and payment
  • Speed of transfer implementation which enables the receipt of the money in 15 minutes at any point of the "InterExpress" system.
  • "InterExpress" system corresponds to modern requirements of security and covers all the system participants. These capabilities are up to international standards.
Currency of the transferred amount USD, Euro, RUB
Type of transfer Addressed
Commission fee 2–3% of the transferred amount (depending on the size of the amount and direction of the transfer)
Number of symbols in the password 10 symbols
Direction of the transfer 10 minutes

Cooperating countries with "InterExpress" system:

Abkhazia, Australia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Bangladesh,
Bahrain, Belarus, Belgium, Canada, China, Greece, Egypt, Georgia, Israel, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, China,Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Nepal, Netherlands, New Zealand, UAE, Pakistan, Poland, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Sudan, Tajikistan, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Philippines, Switzerland, Sweden, Sri Lanka


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