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Juan Carlos Ozcoidi
Board Member

Date of birth: 09/07/1955

From 1980 to 1990 studied at Escuela de Capacitación, Buenos Aires, and province of Argentina. In 2003 graduated from Programa Intensivo Dirección de Empresas (IAE).

For over 36 years worked at Banco de la Provincia de Buenos Aires:
1976 - 1977: sub-manager in Commercial and Credit area.
1997 - 1999: sub-manager of Corporate Banking.
1999 - 2000: manager of Mar del Plata Department.
2000 - 2002: manger in Credit Policies and Standards.
2002 - 2004: General manager as well as the manager of SME Department.
He was selected as a member of the Management of Red Link SA and various companies of Grupo Provincia.
Lectured some courses of professional training in sub management of capacitating of Human Resources, External Commerce, Credit Risk, etc.

Throughout 2013 year worked as a General Manager at Banco Interfinanzas.

From 2012 works at Corporación América SA as an adviser.

From 2014 is the Director of Afluenta S.A. which deals with giving loans to individuals via the web.

Since February, 2015 has been working at Converse Bank CJSC as an adviser to the Board and Commercial and Other Policy Implementation and Control Committee chairman.

From December, 2015 is a member of the Board of Converse Bank CJSC.