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Representative of Converse Bank is the Sole Leader of the Chess Tournament: The Bank Sponsors Participation of the Leader in Jermouk Tournament


In the traditional 5th Chess Tournament the Member of Converse Bank's team Karen Namalyan had won 6.5 point from 7 possible and taking the first prize became the sole leader of the tournament.

By the way in June 26, 2009 there will take place a new championship for rate upgrading in Jermouk, where K.Namalyan will participate under sponsorship of Converse Bank.

For the occasion of "Children's Defense Day" employees of the banking system and their children participated in the traditional 5th Chess Tournament organized by the TUC of the Central Bank of Republic of Armenia joint with the Branch Trades Union of Banks.

Converse Bank was represented by 4 players:

  • Kristine Namalyan /"Avan" Branch/
  • Karen Namalyan /Kristine's brother, 13 years old/
  • Gagik Simonyan /Risk Management Department/
  • Arsen Nagdalyan /Commercial and Credit Department/.

The tournament was processed in 7 stages. Employees of 12 banks and their children were competing. The points were given to individual players as well as to two subgroups - the subgroup of adults and the subgroup of children. Arsen Nagdalyan, player in the subgroup of adults of Converse Bank took the second prize. The representative of the RA CB won the first prize.

The Central Bank granted cash awards for the winners.

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