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Converse Bank


"Converse Bank" has started provision of internet-banking service e-Converse and related to the latter announces an exclusive campaign "e-Converse. Everywhere together 24/7" by September 1 including.

In the scope of the campaign all participants will have opportunity to connect to the internet-banking service e-Converse free of charge till September 1 including and operate with their financial means everywhere with 24/7 regime from any point of the world - at home, office, and cafe or during travelling.

Through e-Converse internet-banking service the customers can perform:

  • Transfers with accounts (send payment orders)
  • Foreign exchange in non-cash way
  • Utility and other payments
  • Fulfillment of funds on ArCa, VISA, MasterCard card accounts.
  • Formulating deposits by conducting deposit agreements
  • Presenting loan repayment orders
  • Receiving statements and information on account balances and separate transactions
  • Presenting card, loan and other applications
  • Sending other messages to the bank.

Besides, for connection to e-Converse internet-banking service it is necessary to have bank account in "Converse Bank", computer with reliable internet connection and e-mail address.

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