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Converse bank has launched a new "Agro" loan


Towards the agricultural season, Converse Bank has launched a new loan type "Agro" offering affordable and competitive interest rates to start-up and growing agricultural businesses.

"The credit product "Agro" is aimed at creation of added value in the agricultural sector. It is intended for private individuals and legal entities operating in the Republic of Armenia (excluding Yerevan), for private entrepreneurs wishing to expand their agricultural business or to establish new farming businesses. The maximum amount of lending is USD 150,000 / equivalent in AMD, the maximum maturity - 84 months, and the annual interest rate is starting from 11% for AMD loans and from 8.5% for USD loans", - they said at the Bank.

Investing minimum 20% of the total project cost from the borrower’s own funds was mentioned as one of the necessary preconditions for lending. It should be mentioned that investments from own funds will include financial, property investments, and investments in form of work.

It was also mentioned at the Bank that currently Converse Bank performs agricultural lending both with its own resources and within the framework of state programs, offering the customers affordable agro loans for planting of intensive gardens, installation of anti-hail grids and drip irrigation systems, as well as for leasing of agricultural machinery for livestock breeding, greenhouses, refrigerating industry, including milk collection stations, slaughterhouses, and agro-processing industry.


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