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Quota - the opportunity to use funds in the amount of the cost of goods/services purchased within the framework of credit limit granted on a settlement card, by 0% interest rate, on condition of repayment according to the approved schedule, provided at the time of making a purchase with POS- terminal from an organization cooperating with the Bank

Maturity Quota can be provided for a period of 12 months, which might exceed the validity period of the credit limit granted to the settlement card.
Currency AMD, USD, Euro
Interest rate 0%


Quota is repaid by equal monthly instalments.

The repayment schedule for the Quota is developed on the basis of the schedule set for the existing overdraft - the monthly repayment day is the deadline of the time periods set in the overdraft schedule.

  • in case of overdraft with a grace period, the monthly repayment date for the quota is the end of the 15-days' grace period granted for the overdraft
  • in case of overdraft without a grace period, the monthly repayment date for the quota is the date for monthly payment of the interest amounts of the overdraft


The quota is issued within the existing credit limit (overdraft), i.e. at the time of the transaction the amount of the quota cannot exceed the unused balance (available amount) of the overdraft.

As a result of usage of the Quota, the cardholder's credit limit (overdraft amount) is reduced for the quota amount.

Along with repayment of the Quota, the credit limit increases for the repaid amount. The total amount of the credit liability available on the cardholder's settlement card resulting from the Quota remains unchanged throughout the period of validity of the Quota.

Even in case of availability of own funds on the customer's settlement card, by the customer's request, the quota is granted within the limits of the overdraft funds.

Other conditions

In case if repayment of the Quota is delayed for 5 days, the Quota shall be subject to repayment for the whole amount of the Quota balance at the moment, the Quota is terminated, and the balance amount of it is restored within the credit limit on the respective settlement card.

In case of overdraft secured with collateral, the pledged property is released only in case of full repayment of the Quota amount.

Quota is repaid only with the funds credited to the card account of the respective overdraft.

The funds credited to the settlement card, before overdraft repayment, are used for repayment of the liability to be repaid in terms of the Quota (also penalties, if any), then to repayment of the overdraft. In the absence of a liability to be repaid in terms of the Quota, the payment is made according to the established order.

The advantages of the Quota can be used by private individuals having a settlement card of the Bank, except for VISA Business, as well as additional and attached cards.

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