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Terms of Online Request for Plastic Cards of Converse Bank CJSC

By making this Request I assure that:

  1. I have reviewed the Card Servicing and Usage Rules and the Payment Card Issuance and Use Agreement and Tariffs, and I accept the same and commit to unconditionally comply with the set requirements;
  2. The data filled in by me are real and authentic, and consistent with the information stated in the original documents being the source of such data, and the aforementioned documents have been acquired legally and are not forged;
  3. I am RA citizen and/or RA resident,
  4. I have reached the age of 14 (fourteen) and I have not been deprived by the court of the right to have a bank account (including a card account).
  5. I understand that: 
    5.1. Submission of the Request is identical to the agreement precedent to conclusion of Payment Card Issuance and Use Agreement with Converse Bank CJSC implying all legal circumstances of the RA Civil Code;
    5.2. . Based on the Request, Converse Bank CJSC will print the Card and open a card account in my name, and I will be issued the Card and the card account will be activated and I will be in the position to make transactions with the Card only subject to execution of the Payment Card Issuance and Use Agreement with Converse Bank CJSC.
    5.3. I will be provided a credit limit on the Card only:
        5.3.1. Subject to disclosure of documents confirming my creditworthiness to Converse Bank CJSC;
        5.3.2. Where Converse Bank CJSC assesses the issuance of a credit limit to me risk-free (Converse Bank CJSC will notify me thereon within 7 (seven) business days);
        5.3.3. Subject to execution of Card Credit Limit Issuance Agreement between Converse Bank CJSC and me.
    5.4. Upon restrictions or termination of transactions on my bank/card account and block of cash funds thereon under the RA laws, Converse Bank CJSC can refuse the execution of my transactions in whole or in part accordingly.
    5.5. I have to receive the Card within 30 (thirty) days from submission of the Request in the following manner: 
        5.5.1. If the Card is of Premium class (VISA GOLD, MasterCard GOLD, VISA Platinum, VISA Infinite that are deemed Cards with a credit limit), then:
   One of the below options as checked by me in the respective column of the Request
       In person at the respective branch/Head Office of Converse Bank CJSC, or
       In person from the Bank employee at the place of residence stated by me in the Request, if Converse Bank CJSC has a branch in the particular town
        5.5.2. Unless the Card is of Premium class, in person at the respective branch/Head Office of Converse Bank CJSC, as checked by me in the respective column of the Request.
    5.6. I bear responsibility for:
        5.6.1. Inaccuracy or incompleteness of information and data stated in the Request,
        5.6.2. Failure of timely payment of the Card service fee,
        5.6.3. Failure to receive the Card in the period and at the place specified in section 5.5 above and/or to execute Payment Card Issuance and Use Agreement with Converse Bank CJSC, with the commitment to refund in full the expenses incurred by Converse Bank CJSC due to the same. In such event, the Bank is discharged from the liability to deliver the Card to me.
  6. The Request was completed by me on my own initiative and of my own free will, and free of any irrelevant influence, violence, compulsion or deceit. I have no health problem that can prevent my full understanding of the essence of the Request, nor am I under a delusion, and I fully acknowledge the significance of my actions and I am not restricted in action.
Once you click on SEND button below and all of the above provisions assuming liabilities and responsibilities will become binding for you.
If you agree with the aforementioned terms, please check in the box below and click on SEND button.

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