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Mets Card

Big Card
Big Advantages

The card is intended for the people serviced by “Haypost” CJSC and receiving pension or old age allowance.

The annual interest rate accrued to the balance on the account is 8%.

Card type
ARCA debit card
Acts only on the territory of the RA

24 months

It is reissued as long as the Client is a pensioner receiving the pension from “Haypost” CJSC

Term of preparation and providing
Maximum 5 working days

The card is activated within 1 working day after provision of the card and the PIN code to the client.

Interest rate accrued to the positive balance
Card provision fee
Service fee
Fee for non-cash transactions at trade points
Fee for provision of cash at encashment points and ATMs
Converse Bank: 0%
Other banks of ArCa system: 0.5%
Cash withdrawal limit
Maximum limit of one transaction, only from ATMs: AMD 500 000 Maximum daily limit of encashment transaction: AMD 300 000
Maximum daily number of encashment transactions: 10
Credit of cash to the card account at ATMs of other ARCA system member banks
Provision of a statement from the card account
Provision of an additional statement from the card account
Provision of a new card and PIN code instead of a lost/stolen/damaged card
AMD 900
The tariff is applied starting from the second case
Provision of a new card and PIN
AMD 700
The tariff is applied starting from the second case
Submission of unjustified chargeback application
AMD 1 000
Card to card transfers via website and card accounts
Sending SMS concerning amounts credited to and debited from the card (including VAT)
  • AMD 20 for phone numbers serviced by RA operators
  • AMD 40 for phone numbers serviced by RA operators
Card unblocking fee
Depending on the place of usage of the Card and the nature of the transaction, in case of exceeding the payment limit, penalty is calculated based on the Bank’s Tariffs and Rates.

List of required documents

  • Application
  • Personal identification document
  • Public Services Number or a reference on absence of a Public Services Number
  • A document evidencing the fact of receiving of the pension from “Haypost” CJSC, provided by “Haypost” CJSC.

Annual percentage yield

The size of the annual percentage yield shows the annual profitability of the loan as a result of capitalizing the interest amount received by the client to the principal amount.
The annual percentage yield is calculate on the basis of the following formula:

1) APY – is the annual percentage yield.
2) r - is the annual simple interest rate.
3) ո – frequency of capitalization of the interest amount during one year.
Since the interest amount is capitalized on quarterly basis, APY for this product is 8.24%.