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Special accounts

Special accounts

The following special accounts are opened at Converse Bank:

  •  Escrow accounts,
  •  Bankruptcy accounts,
  •  Social package accounts,
  •  State support accounts,
  •  Notary deposit accounts,
  •  Special constructor’s accounts,
  •  Nominee accounts,
  •  Single payment accounts,
  •  Social security accounts.

A target account can be opened only for those customers of the Bank who already have the documents required for account opening:

  •  target account opening application, specifying the purpose of account opening

The documents to be submitted by the customer shall be originals or notarized copies.

In case of submission of originals, the person authorized by the Bank stamps all copied pages of the documents with the stamp "True copy of the original" and signs them, after which, in case of legal entities, the authorized representative of the company puts the company’s round seal, and in case of private individuals – a signature, and the originals are returned to the customer.