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Leasing financing for purchase of medical and engineering equipment

Conditions of financing:

Subject of leasing Purchase of medical and engineering equipment from companies
  Annual interest rate and maturity
Maturity  USD and EURO AMD
 12 months  4%  9%
 24 months  5%  10%
 36 months  6%  11%
Leasing amount  70% of the equipment to be purchased
Commission fee for review of the leasing application and disbursement of the amount  0    

Leasing financing

Converse Bank offers leasing financing of new and used equipment, machinery and vehicles purchased from foreign and local markets.

Who can make use of the Bank’s leasing financing?

The Bank’s leasing financing can be used by any legal entity or private entrepreneur who is an account holder at the Bank, financing of whose activity isn’t forbidden by the Bank’s credit policy, and in case of agro leasing also a private individual, as well as a group of private individuals, represented by the respective authorized member of the group.

What is leasing financing and how is it performed?

Leasing financing is a mid-term financial instrument intended for purchase of machinery, equipment, vehicles, and property. As a rule, the Bank purchases the equipment chosen by the lessee and hands it over to the lessee for a certain time period, for rent. During the leasing period, the lessee regularly pays the rent at the mutually agreed interest rate. At the end of the leasing period, the equipment is either handed over to the lessee with the ownership right, is written off, or sold to a third party.

The following restrictions are defined for leasing financing:


For machinery and equipment – maximum 5 years, for real estate - maximum 10 years.

Deviations from the specified terms, in case of acceptable justification, are subject to approval by the General Credit Committee.


Minimum 20 %, and for non-residents of the RA or persons who don’t have citizenship of the RA 40%.

If the item of leasing is purchased from a foreign country, then the size of prepayment shall exceed all expenses made by the Bank with relation to import of the property (if such expenses shall be paid by the Bank), including the total sum of import, transportation, insurance, customs clearance, taxation, and all other expenses.

Interest rate

Leasing of movable property and equipment: AMD, Project/ own funds: 14%/20%, USD: 14%, EURO: 12%.

Leasing of real estate: AMD, Project/ own funds: 14%/20%, USD: 14%

Fee for consideration of the application for leasing  AMD 10,000 charged at the time of submission of the application
Loan disbursement fee


For legal entities -AMD 50 thousand,
For private individuals – AMD 30 thousand.
Higher fee can be defined depending on the specifics of the transaction, on the conditions of purchase of the leasing item.

Payments  All the expenses made by the Bank in the course of appraisal of the leasing item, its insurance, recording, registration of the leasing right, as well as during its further usage (e.g. for technical inspection of a car, environmental fees, property tax, etc.) shall be reimbursed by the Client upon demand or shall be paid by the Client on the Bank’s behalf, in the Bank’s favor.
Installments  In form or a leasing fee, usually on monthly basis.
Regardless of the currency of the leasing fee, it shall be paid in AMD.
The Client can make early repayment, paying all the installments to the Bank as specified by the agreement.
Security  In order to secure the obligations assumed by the Client, the Bank can demand additional security, including guarantees.
Insurance  Insurance of a car is mandatory, unless otherwise specified by the minutes on approval of the financing.
There can be a requirement for insurance of equipment, agricultural machinery, and other movable property, depending on the field and conditions of usage of the property, which should be reflected in the respective minutes, otherwise the property isn’t subject to insurance.
Real estate, as a rule, isn’t subject to insurance, unless otherwise specified by the minutes on approval of the financing.
Insurance shall be done at the companies cooperating with the Bank, specifying another authorized used of the Bank’s property.
Permission for subleasing/subrent  By preliminary consent of the Bank.

Procedure and example of calculation and payment of the monthly payable amount

Exchange rate fluctuations might affect the loans /leasing/ provided in foreign currency if they are repaid in another currency.

In order to ensure proper performance of the obligations assumed by the Lessee towards the lessor under the Agreement, the Lessor can demand from the Lessee to provide collateral items, guarantees, and other items acceptable for the Lessor to secure performance of obligations, signing the respective agreement.

The maximum ratio “Loan to liquid value of the collateral” is determined for each leasing financing separately.

The Client shall reimburse the expenses connected with appraisal of the leasing item, its insurance, and recording, as well as registration of the leasing right. If the item or the car to be acquired under leasing financing is subject to taxation with the property tax, then the Lessee is liable for payment of such obligations. The Client shall make also other payments specified by the legislation (e.g. for technical inspection of a car, environmental fees, etc.).

In case of making use of auxiliary services, the price of services /the price range/ is set by the organization that renders the service.

If each leasing installment isn’t made in time, the Lessee shall pay penalty to the Lessor equivalent to 0.3 percent of the delayed leasing amount, for each day of delay.

Failure by the Lessee to make regular payments will negatively affect the Lessee’s credit history and the opportunity to receive leasing financing or a loan in the future, and might serve as a basis for recalling of the leased item provided by the bank.

If the required documents are properly submitted by the client, then the decision regarding leasing is taken within a maximum period of 10 days.

The main factors for the Bank to approve or reject leasing financing are as follows:

  • The Client’s financial situation
  • The Client’s credit history
  • Other factors connected with the Client’s activity

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