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About Bank

Converse Bank CJSC is a 20-year-old dynamically growing bank, which offers various services for individual and legal entities.
The stable development of the Bank is due to transparent operation and reasonable policies of financial management.
The Bank’s dynamic growth is provided by its highly-qualified, professional staff, thanks to which the Bank is able to quickly respond to changes happening in the market. At the same time, it continually offers new, convenient, and interesting bank services to the clients.

The number of our clients increases every year, which is a testament to the ever-improving quality, convenience, and reliability of the services rendered by the Bank.
The quality, diversity, accessibility and dependability of our services, as well as our constant strife to demonstrate a personal approach to each and every client, allow us to state that we are a Bank for everyone.

Our mission

Offering constantly modernized, simple, and interesting products and trustworthy financial solutions, we strive to provide our clients with a more profitable economic result. We consider our basis to be the level of profit guarantee acceptable for our stockholders and investors.

It is our main goal

To become a first choice Bank for each and every citizen of Armenia. A Bank which offers various quality, convenient, modern, simple, and easy-to-understand financial tools and services, using values of reliability, convenience, transparency, and dependability as our foundation.

The Bank՚s Business Ethics Rules

Charter of Converse Bank CJSC


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