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Visa Business

Visa Business Card provides opportunity to control your financial flows 24/7, as well as to receive credit line with privileged conditions.
Tariffs for Visa Business Credit:

N Service Type Visa Business Debit Visa Business Credit
1 Card issue 0 0
2 Additional*/attached** Card Issue 0 0
3 Annual service fee 12 000 AMD 12 000 AMD
4 Merchant transactions 0 0
5 withdrawal at Bank POS-terminals and ATMs 0.5% 1%
6 Cash withdrawal at POS-terminals and ATMs of other ArCa system banks1 1% 1%
7 Cash withdrawal at POS-terminals and ATMs of other banks, which are out of ArCa system 2%, min 2 500 AMD  
8 Cash debiting onto the card account through ATMs of other ARCA-system banks 0.6% 0.6%
 9 Maximum limit of daily cash withdrawal 1 000 000 AMD, 3 000 USD, 2 000 EUR  10
 10 Maximum available number of daily encashment transactions 10 0
 11 Interest rate % (annual) against the positive balance of card account 0
 12 Monthly statement 0  
 13 Additional statement 1 000 AMD 1 000 AMD
 14 Penalty for exceeding the payment limits 0.15% daily 0.15% daily
 15 Card and PIN code reissue in case of lost/stolen/damaged card 2 000 AMD 2 000 AMD
 16 Card and PIN code same-day reissue in case with lost/stolen/damaged card 10 000 AMD 10 000 AMD
 17 Transfer of cash from card in case of card loss outside Armenia 5% from amount 5% from amount
 18 Unjustified chargeback request  5 000 AMD 5 000 AMD
 19 From card to card transfers through website card accounts 0.5% 1%
  VISA Card-to-card transfers through ATMs7 1.5%, min 1 500 AMD 1.5%, min 1 500 AMD
  Maximum limit for one transfer USD 1,000 or equivalent in other currency USD 1,000 or equivalent in other currency
  Maximum quantity of daily transfers 5 5
  Maximum quantity of transfers made during 4 consecutive days USD 5,000 or equivalent in other currency USD 5,000 or equivalent in other currency
  Maximum quantity of transfers made during 4 consecutive days 15 15
 20 Penalty applied to balance in case of failing to pay the minimum deposit - 0,15 % for daily overdue
 21 Minimum fee applied at the end of grace period - 10% of the used credit limit
 22 SMS messages to cardholders on receipt and withdrawal on card accounts
/VAT include/
  • AMD 20 to phone numbers of Armenian cell operators
  • AMD 40 to phone numbers of foreign cell operators
  • AMD 20 to phone numbers of Armenian cell operators
  • AMD 40 to phone numbers of foreign cell operators
 23 Card unblocking fee 500 AMD 500 AMD
 24 Reducing the limit of the card per the Customer application - 0
 25 Increasing the limit of the card per the Customer application - 5 000 AMD
 26 Providing medical insurance during trips to foreign countries Based on Isurer's fees Based on Isurer's fees
 27 Card activity cancellation in bank guarentee system and placement in stop list 15 000 AMD 15 000 AMD

1Transactions with VISA cards at ATMs and POS-terminals of the banks cooperating with "Converse Bank" CJSC in terms of VISA card acquiring are equaled to those at Converse Bank and partner BTA Bank ATMs and POS-terminals and subject to the tariffs specified in point 5.

*Additional card - an additional card opened for the same account, within the same payment system /VISA-VISA, ARCA-ARCA, MasterCard-MasterCard - VISA, ARCA
**Card attached to - the same account, additional card opened under various payment systems /VISA - ARCA, MasterCard; ARCA - VISA, MasterCard; MasterCard - VISA, ARCA/.

At the moment of certifying transactions in currency, differing from the currency of the card account, from the card must be frozen an amount calculated at the rate of exchange "transaction currency - USD" as established by VISA/MasterCard, and afterwards must be frozen an amount, calculated at the exchange rate -"USD - card currency" of the Bank Dealing unit. The amount of the subject transaction is collected from the actual cardholder on the day of calculation by application of the above-mentioned mechanism. The amount of transaction certification /freezing/ and the amount of actual calculation may differ. While executing transactions in AMD with foreign currency cards, the exchange rates for certification and calculation of the transaction are established by the bank, but they also vary, depending on the day of execution and on the day of calculation of the transaction.

Visa BUSINESS CREDIT card description

  • Flexible management of financial flows.
  • Planning and control of business trip and representative expenses.
  • In case of spending funds of the card account fast replenishment of card account from different accounts of the company.
  • Opportunity of relating with current account of the company.
  • Opportunity of printing the name of the company on the card.


  • Opportunity of credit limit in amount of AMD 100 000 and above or equivalent foreign currency.
  • Provision of Card in AMD, USD and EURO.
  • Providing additional cards to company's authorized people under the card account.
  • In comparison with purchases made in cash in merchant locations, in case of making purchases with payment cards you will be provided with 3-30% discounts in 250 local merchant locations as well as with up to 75% discount in more than 50 000 hotels abroad.


  • In case of loosing the card abroad transfer of the amount of the card account.


  • Is accepted in any merchant, service and encashment locations of the world where symbol is displayed enjoying high quality of service.


  • Utility payments, acquiring passwords of prepayment and internet charging cards through service and encashment locations connected to the system and by internet.
  • Fast transfers of amounts from card to card.
  • Providing free statements in the ways preferred by cardholders.
  • At moment of transaction sending SMS message to cardholders about the transaction.
  • Transfer of salary directly to card account.
  • 24 hour provision of free information on your card account balance through the Bank's LAN HELLO (+37410) 511 200, 545514 / 24 hour/ telephone information system, as well as the telephone number of ArCa payment system (+37410) 59 22 22.


  • The chip on the card provides PIN identification during all transactions (excluding internet transactions).
  • Quickly identification of the cardholder through the photo and signature.
  • Provision of confidentiality and security of the personal data and card flow balance.

Visa BUSINESS CREDIT card credit line conditions

Can be provided to authorized people from legal entities.



Loan limit amount

  • 100 000 and more AMD or equivalent foreign currency


  • 36 months

Term of loan limit provision

  • Until presentation of card termination application by client or termination of limit as determined by the Bank

Term of Preparation and provision

  • Within 5 business days

Interest Rate

  • Determined by Administration

Definition of limit

  • Limit is determined considering the organization’s credit.

Repayment and Interest calculation schedule

  • Client transactions are reflected in a monthly statement during each month. Date of statement issuance is the 1st, 10th, or 25th of each month (on weekends or holidays the date will fall on the next business day). In case of salary cards, the date of statement issuance is the 25th or 10th of each month, depending on client preference (on weekends or holidays, the date will fall on the next business day).
  • Loan limit may be repaid in 2 schedule types.

Type 1. Privileged period loan cards

  • The client is provided with a 15 day privileged period, starting from the day of statement issuance, during which, in case of full repayment of the used portion of loan limit, no interest payment is charged.
  • Client is obligated to repay the debt indicated by statement until the end of privileged period in measure defined by Bank Tariffs and Pay Schedules.
  • Loan limit used by client is renewed in the amount repaid.
  • In case of not fully repaying the obligation formed at the end of privileged period, interest is calculated, according to interest rates defined by Bank tariffs at given time. Client is obligated to deposit in the account at least 10% of used portion of loan limit after formation of statement plus calculated interest for given month, from which calculated interest for each month will be reduced, while the remainder of deposited amount will renew the loan limit used by client. In case of not making the 10% minimum payment, the used limit is considered past due in that amount, and a past due fee of 0.15% per day is calculated.

Type 2. Loan cards without privileged period

  • Loan limit is provided without a repayment privileged period, interest accrues on used loan limit on a daily basis. Client is obligated to repay the interest and/or late fees accrued on a given day on the used portion of loan limit on a preferred day of each month. In case of not paying the interest in given period, a late fee is calculated in the amount of 0.4% of past due interest amount.
  • Client is provided the opportunity to repay accrued interest beforehand, 15 days before the period of interest repayment.
  • The calculated interest is the combined amount of accrued interest in line of separate transactions for the period between the day of transaction completion and the day of transaction amount repayment.
    Deposits made periodically into accounts by Client are applied toward the repayment of used limit, after which the limit is renewed in the same amount.


In separate cases, depending on the location of card use and the nature of the transaction, the card loan limit may be exceeded as a result of one or several transactions, in which case a fine is calculated in the amount defined by Bank Tariffs and Pay Schedules

List of Necessary Documents

  • Application
  • Passport
  • public services number (PSN) or certificate regarding non-possession of PSN
  • On employer form: certificate from workplace, which should indicate position, seniority, and net salary amount. Client may also be required to submit the copy of available, individual, annual report which is presented to the RA Social Welfare fund from given Client’s employer (latter list of documents does not concern cards guaranteed by monetary means or corporate loan cards).
  • To individual entrepreneurs in case of loan card provision:
    • IE Certificate
    • HVHH
    • Business analysis results by NFA in accordance with ‘Converse Bank’ CJSC order of individual loan provisionѳٳӳÛÝ PR 75-57
  • Documents stating other incomes
  • Other documents, according to necessity

* The period of salary certificate provision must not exceed 15 calendar days.

Card Usage Rules