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International Trade Finance

Converse Bank offers solutions for financing of international trade. Bank clients can receive financing for settlements under import or for the preparation of goods for export.

Commonly accepted modern payment methods techniques (documentary credits and guarantees) enable the contract parties to avoid risks of non-payment, to refuse risky payment methods (advance payment), to monitor the accurate and timely fulfillment of delivery obligations via documents, and to receive pre-export finance and import finance on attractive terms and conditions.

Specialists of Converse Bank provide full support in structuring foreign trade transactions, in the process of negotiation of payment terms of foreign trade contracts, in preparation of corresponding documents, and in the selection of beneficial and protected forms of international payments, as well as in the discussion of the respective conditions of financing.

The main advantages of trade finance made through Converse Bank 

  • Opportunity to obtain foreign financing for import on favorable conditions for tenors needed for realization of goods, for organization of production, implementation of short-term business projects, as compared to the local bank loans for working capital.
  • Opportunity to receive financing from international development institutions on favorable conditions in order to make import payments.
  • Opportunity of improvement of payment, price and delivery conditions by use of letters of credit and guarantees confirmed by first class foreign banks with the support of international development institutions.
  • Opportunity of provision of payment guarantees to foreign suppliers, with the purpose of extension of deferred payments and increasing purchase volumes under import contracts.
  • Opportunity of quality and quantity control for imported goods via letters of credit. Payments defined by letters of credit are made only in case of presentation of documents, which are prepared correspondingly and reflect buyer demands regarding quantity, quality, insurance, delivery time, packaging, type of transport, etc. 

Converse Bank applies the following, main methods of foreign trade finance:

  1. Documentary Letters of Credit
  2. Bank Guarantees and Stand-by Letters of Credit
  3. Short-term, revolving loans offered within the Trade Facilitation Program of the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)
  4. Documentary Collections

Contact details

For more information in relation to Trade Finance and/or Documentary operations please contact:

Nelli Kocharyan
Head of International Relations and Trade Finance Division
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Vahe Grigoryan
International Relations and Trade Finance Division, Specialist
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