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Gift Cards

Affordable and accessible for everyone

VISA GIFT gift card is a prepayment card.

Present Converse Bank’s VISA “GIFT” card to your friends, relatives, your beloved person, thereby:

  • saving your time
  • not forcing your taste
  • giving an opportunity to the recipient to choose the present freely.
  • Converse Bank’s VISA “GIFT” card is the most civilized way of presenting money, since:
  • it rules out the unpleasant option of handing in money
  • you avoid giving money in various envelopes

In order to acquire Converse Bank’s VISA “GIFT” card, you just need to visit Converse Bank having a passport with you.

VISA “GIFT” card is provided within 1 day.

If you order Converse Bank’s VISA “GIFT” card, the Bank can print the cardholder’s name and your wishes on the card.