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Transfer Card

Transfer card

You can get the funds received by means of Converse Bank via Unistream, Converse Transfer fast money transfers systems by ArCa Classic or Visa Electron Transfer debit cards, without visiting the bank.

Conditions of Transfer debit card provision

# Type of Service Visa Electron and/or ArCa Classic
1 Limitations Card may not be replenished by transfers from other accounts or cash deposits
2 Currency
  • AMD
  • USD
  • EURO
  • RUB
3 Term 36 months
4 Term of preparation and provision Not more than 5 business days
5 Annual interest accrued on surplus
  • AMD - 3%
  • Other currencies - 0%
6 Card provision 0
7 Card account service fee
  • ArCa Classic - 0 AMD
  • Visa Electron - 2 000 AMD is charged in full at time of card provision for the entire duration of card activity
8 Merchant point transactions 0
9 Cash provision at bank cash withdrawal sites and ATMs 0
10 Cash provision at bank cash withdrawal sites of the ArCa system and ATMs 1%
11 Cash provision at bank cash withdrawal sites and ATMs operating outside the ArCa system 2% at least 2 500 AMD
12 Cash transaction daily maximum 300 000 AMD
800 USD
600 EURO
25 000 ROUBLES
13 Single cash transaction maximum only from ATMs 500 000 AMD
14 Daily limit of number of cast transactions 10
15 List of required documents
  • Application
  • Passport or ID card
  • Public serve number or tax-exempt form
  • Other documents as needed
16 Tariff of Card and/or PIN code reissuance 2 000 AMD
17 Card de-blocking fee 500 AMD

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 Conditions of services rendered

  • The Client calls the Bank at the phone number provided by the Bank. The call is recorded about which the Client is mandatorily informed before getting connected to the Bank employee.
  • The Bank employee identifies the Client, asking him/her to provide the password included in the Application, the last name, first name, and father’s name, the serial and the number of the document that validates identity.
  • The Client informs the Bank employee the required information regarding the transfer with Fast transfer systems.
  • In case of wanting to calculate the received foreign currency amounts or a part of them in AMD at the time of transaction processing via telephone, the foreign currency exchange by "Converse Bank" CJSC is conducted viewing the following value as a basis.

- In case of amounts received in USD/EURO, with the cash purchase value that is active in "Converse Bank" CJSC at the time of exchange, plus 1 AMD.

- In case of amounts received in Russian Rubles, with the credit purchase value that is active in "Converse Bank" CJSC.

- In case of wanting to calculate in other types of foreign currencies, the foreign currency exchange is conducted in values that are active in "Converse Bank" CJSC at the time of exchange.

  • At the time of validation of a transaction in a currency other than the card account currency during transaction validation and factual calculation the applied values may differ. During validation the values defined by VISA are applied. While during transaction calculation, the USD value that is defined for the banking day preceding the transaction calculation day is applied by the Bank. The Bank does not bear responsibility for currency and other risks connected to the difference between values.
  • At the time of Card acquisition, the Cardholder is obligated to sign it in the opposite party signature field. The absence of signature or its incompatibility serves as a legal basis to decline servicing the Card and to repossess it without any compensation.

Rules of Card and PIN code use and maintenance.

The Card account is opened in order to implement functions with the Card and Card account.

  • The Cardholder has no right furnish the Card and the PIN code to other persons.
  • In cases of receiving cash sums at cash withdrawal points or making payments with the Card, the Cardholder is obligated to sign the receipt, checking the transaction amount.
  • The Card may not be used for transactions that involve any illegal activity. In case of any doubt regarding the legality of Card functions, the Bank has the right, without notifying the Cardholder, to block the transaction and/or block the Card and/or the account. The Bank may also require additional information and documents from the Cardholder, before authorizing the corresponding function.
  • Before conducting a transaction on the Internet with the Card, The Cardholder must be acquainted in detail with the conditions of purchase, delivery, transaction cancellation, return policy, and availability of the site’s contact information from the given Internet site.
  • While conducting a transaction with the card on the Internet, The Cardholder must use legitimate and creditworthy sites, such as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate, Verified by Visa security system, MasterCard SecureCode and sites protected by other security systems.
  • The Cardholder must keep all payment documents connected with Card functions until receipt of Card account statement. The Cardholder must check the transactions mentioned in the statement against expenses actually made and in case of inconsistencies, inform the Bank about the latter in the time period defined by the Contract starting from the time of statement issuance. The Bank has the right to decline the complaints received after the mentioned time period.Card functions must be implemented within the limits of Payment boundaries. A fine is calculated 45 days after the exceeding amount formation in the amount 0.15% of the exceeding amount, for each past due day. In the mentioned case, the Card may be blocked until debt repayment.
  • Within 5 (five) banking days starting from the time of receipt of written application by the Cardholder regarding contract cancellation, the Bank ceases to service the Card, paying off the Cardholder’s all obligations to the Bank, including those formed during the 45-day time period mentioned in given point, using available funds held by the Cardholder in the Bank. 45 (forty-five) days after stopping the service of the Card, the Cardholder’s Card account closes, while funds in that account are transferred to the Cardholder’s bank account or at the request of the Cardholder are provided to the latter in cash.
  • The negative balance of the Card account is subject to repayment by the Cardholder during 5 (five) banking days from the time of the negative balance formation.
  • In case of contract cancellation, the Cardholder continues to bear responsibility and obligation for the payment of transactions "which have been conducted until the contract cancellation."
  • The Bank bears no responsibility for damage done to the Cardholder directly or indirectly as a result of malfunctions of any ATMs, cash withdrawal or merchant points (including merchant points registered on the Internet), the Card (including expired Cards) and its service.
  • In case of unauthorized use of the Card or the threat of such use, the Cardholder is obligated to inform the Bank immediately about that (asking to block the Card use) via Bank telephone lines. Until the moment of informing the Bank in the order mentioned by this point, the Bank bears no responsibility for transactions made by the Card.
  • The Bank bears no responsibility for damages done to the Cardholder as a result of Card transactions, which have been conducted:
    * with PIN-code submission, or
    * with the reading of the Card magnetic strip, and/or the chip on the Card and/or the CVV code mentioned in the back of the Card. They receive online confirmation by the issuing bank (even in cases when the signature present on the transaction receipt differs from the Cardholder’s actual signature).
    * In the offline mode, if they have been conducted during the time period of non-inclusion of the Card in the international blocking system.
  • The Cardholder bears no responsibility for transactions conducted in the offline mode, which have been conducted in the time period of the card’s inclusion in the international blocking system.
  • The Card is included in the international blocking system by the Bank on the basis of the cardholder’s written or verbal application, in which case the Cardholder is obligated to pay the fee of inclusion in international blocking defined by Tariffs, regardless of whether the independent card is blocked or closed.
  • In specific cases, the Bank also has the right to include the Card in the international blocking system at its own initiative.
  • In view of the necessity to defend the Cardholder’s interests, in case of the Card account’s non-activity for 6 (six) months and more, the Bank has the right to unilaterally freeze the Card account and block the Card, without additionally notifying the Cardholder about that. That, however, does not limit the Bank’s right to debit corresponding amounts from the Card account with the purpose of insuring the performance of payment obligations of the Cardholder to itself.
  • The Card is de-blocked, and the Card account is de-frozen if:
    * A corresponding application is presented to the Bank by the Cardholder,
    * The Cardholder calls the Bank regarding the corresponding question, at the Bank telephone number, providing the password mentioned in his/her Card application (not the PIN code).
  • The Bank gives the Cardholder the opportunity to receive short, text messages regarding deposits in and withdrawals from his/her Card, thus preventing the unauthorized use of the Card as much as possible.
  • At the moment of receiving the above-mentioned text message, the Cardholder must be reassured that the transaction has been conducted with his/her knowledge, order, or participation or that of his/her authorized individual.
  • In case of the unauthorized use of the Card, the Cardholder is obligated to inform "Converse Bank" CJSC or "Armenian Card" CJSC, calling at the Bank’s telephone numbers, providing the password mentioned in his/her Card application (not the PIN code).
  • In case of informing about unauthorized use, the Card is promptly blocked and the Bank, on the basis of the Cardholder’s application, studies the details of the transaction. In case of necessity/possibility, it begins the process of transaction appeal.
  • The Bank has the right to demand from the Cardholder the payment amounts made by the Bank to international payment systems for transactions conducted before the time of informing the Bank as a result of unauthorized Card use at the Cardholder’s fault as well as in case of a lost/stolen Card.
  • After the card expiration date mentioned on the card, the Cardholder is obligated to return the card to the Bank or to destroy it, shredding it to small pieces.
  • The Cardholder is obligated to find ways to insure the security of the Card as well as additional/joint cards and to prevent their unauthorized use.
  • An envelope is provided with the Card, which contains the Card PIN code, which is needed for receiving cash amounts from ATMs and conducting functions at POS terminals. In case of dialing the wrong PIN code three times in a row, the Card is automatically blocked and repossessed.


  • In case of a lost/stolen Card, the Cardholder is obligated to immediately inform about that in order to block it, by calling the phone number mentioned on the Card or "Converse Bank" CJSC phone numbers mentioned below:

- hours 9:00-18:00` (+37410) 511-210, 511-213,
- 24 hours (+37410) 545 514:

  • The Card is blocked after clarifying the Cardholder’s identity and receiving the verbal application. 
  • "Armenia Card" CJSC at the phone number (+37410) 440-380 during Bank’s non-business hours and days.
  • By sending an appropriate written message by fax: (+37410) 511-212 or email: or by presenting a written application at any Bank branch.
  • As a matter of fact, the Bank is considered as being informed by the Cardholder via means mentioned by given point, starting from the time of receipt by the Cardholder of the confirmation regarding receipt of the Cardholder’s message by the Bank.
  • In case of finding the Card after the blocking, the Cardholder is obligated to inform the Bank about that immediately, during 1 (one) banking day the latest.
  • Card activity may resume after payment of fees defined by Tariffs for de-blocking (500 AMD).
  • In case of lost/stolen PIN code, the Cardholder provides a written request to the Bank. The Bank reissues the card, together with the PIN code.