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Competition for MasterCard cardholders


Competition for Mastercard cardholders

Terms of Competition

Converse Bank announces a competition for MasterCard cardholders from August 1 through September 30, and gives a chance to win a trip to Maldives for 2 and 5 certificates for iPhone 14.

The competition is open for any RA resident customer/MasterCard cardholder above 18 years of age, who runs or downloads Converse Mobile app and makes cashless transactions with their MasterCard card(s) to the total amount of AMD 200,000 and beyond.

The MasterCard cardholder will get one chance to take part in the lottery for every cashless transaction totaling AMD 200,000 in the period of 01.08.2022-30.09.2022, accordingly the larger the amount of transactions the stronger is the likelihood to win.
You will get one personal code per transaction totaling AMD 200,000.
The winners of the competition will be selected through the random selection of personal codes.

The results of the competition will be finalized through live broadcast on the Bank’s Facebook page before November 10, 2022. We will inform the participants about the day and the time of the live broadcast at their email address registered with the Bank.
The personal codes of the winners of the competition will be published on the official site and the Facebook page of the Bank by November 15, 2022.


Please note that C2C transfers, C2A transfers, utility payments (including telecommunication, TV, Internet services), transfers to accounts, cards and e-wallets, loan installments, replenishment of accounts of casinos and bookmakers and virtual casinos and bookmakers, government service fees, duties, penalties, taxes, contributions, other payments and the transactions executed through the internal systems of the Bank are excluded from the calculation of cashless transactions.

The supplementary and linked cards do not participate in the competition, neither are the transactions with these cards included in the calculation.

Unless the winner can be contacted in 15 (fifteen) days from finalization of the competition (the customer does not respond, is inaccessible, has disclosed inaccurate/incomplete data to the Bank or for any other reason), the results of the competition will be deemed invalid for the latter.