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Visa Classic


Using Visa CLASSIC CREDIT card, make non-cash payments at any trade and service centre and encashment point in the world, in case of availability of Visa sign, as well as in the internet.

Tariffs of provision and service

N Service Type Visa CLASSIC CREDIT
1 Provision of the card 0
2 Provision of additional*/attached** card AMD 3 000 
3 Annual fee service fee for the card account1 AMD 6 000
4 Transactions in trade points2 0
5 Provision of cash at encashment points and ATMs of the bank

Without grace period 0.5%

With grace period 0.9 %

6 Provision of cash at encashment points and ATMs of other ARCA system member banks 1%
7 Provision of cash at encashment points and ATMs of banks that are not members of ARCA system 1%, minimum AMD 1 500
8 Maximum daily limit of encashment transaction AMD 500 000
USD 1 500
EURO 1 000
9 Maximum daily number of encashment transactions 10
 10 % accrued on the balance of the card account /annual/
 11 Provision of a statement from the card account 0
 12 Provision of an additional statement from the card account AMD 1 000 
 13 Penalty accrued to the amount in excess of the payment limit 0.15% daily; the penalty doesn’t apply for three working days following the date when the limit is exceeded. 
If the excess amount isn’t repaid, the penalty is applied on the fourth working day starting from the date when the limit is exceeded.
 14 Provision of a duplicate of a lost/stolen/damaged card and PIN code AMD 2 000 
 15 Provision of a duplicate of a lost/stolen/damaged card and PIN code during the same day AMD 5 000 
 16 Provision of cash from the card account in case of loss of the card abroad  5% of the amount
  17 Submission of unjustified chargeback application AMD 5 000 
 18  Card to card transfers via website and card accounts 1%
 19 Penalty accrued to the overdue amount in case of failure to make the minimum payment 0,15 % for each day of delay
 20 Mandatory minimum payment at the end of the grace period 10% of the used part of the credit limit

Sending SMS concerning amounts credited to and debited from the card

The amounts are VAT inclusive

  • AMD 20 for phone numbers serviced by RA operators
  • AMD 40 for phone numbers serviced by RA operators
 22 Card unblocking fee 500 
 23 Decreasing the card limit according to the client’s request  0
 24 Increasing the card limit according to the client’s request AMD 3 000 
 25 Provision of medical insurance during trips abroad According to the tariffs of the insurance company
 26 Termination of the card validity in the bank's authorization system and putting it on the Stop-list/ for two weeks AMD 15 000 

1 For credit cards /debit+credit/ the service fee is charged at the time of provision of the cards, for the whole year. In case of early termination of the agreement, the service fee is not subject to return

2In case of transactions done in a currency different from the currency of the account of the Bank’s cardholders at encashment points, ATMs, trade and service centres, that operate beyond ArCa system, at the time of currency conversion the fee of 2% set by the Bank is applied. Exceptions are transactions in USD and Euro.

* Additional card - an additional card of the same payment and settlement system, opened within the same account /VISA-VISA, ArCa-ArCa, MasterCard-MasterCard/

** Attached card - an additional card of a different payment and settlement system, opened within the same account /VISA-ArCa, MasterCard; ArCa-VISA, MasterCard; MasterCard-VISA, ArCa/

The exchange rate applied at the time of authorization of an operation/transaction and the exchange rate applied at the time of its actual accounting may differ. At the time of authorization, the exchange rates set by payment and settlement systems ARCA/VISA/MasterCard, and at the time of actual accounting of the operation/transaction, the USD exchange rate set by the Bank for the end of the previous banking day is applied. Exceptions are the operations/transactions made in Euro with the cards of Visa payment and settlement system, at the time of accounting of which the Euro exchange rate set by the Bank for the end of the previous banking day is applied. The Bank bears no responsibility for the currency and other risks connected with the exchange rate differences.

In case of not usage of the balance on the closed card account for three months, AMD 1000 is charged for every year (if the balance is less than AMD 1000, then the whole balance amount is charged, and the account is closed).

Description of Visa CLASSIC CREDIT card

  • Possibility to make virtual purchase and payments in the internet environment, possibility of paying utilities.
  • Quick card to card transfer of funds.
  • Free of charge provision of a statement in the manner preferred by the cardholder.
  • Sending an SMS to the cardholder about the transaction at the time of making it.
  • Transfer of the salary directly to the card account.
  • Provision of 24-hour free of charge information about the balance on your card account, by means of the Bank’s LAN HELLO (+37410) 511 200, 545514 /round-the-clock/ telephone information system, as well as the phone number of ArCa payment system (+37410) 59 22 22.


  • Availability of a chip on the card, which ensures identification of the PIN code during any transaction /except for internet transactions/.
  • Possibility of fast identification of the cardholder by means of signature.
  • Ensuring in the virtual /internet/ environment the modern 3D Secure security system consonant with the international criteria 


  • Is accepted without restrictions at any trade and service centre and encashment point in the world, in case of availability of Visa sign.


  • The card can be provided both with debit /replenished with own funds/ and credit /replenished also with the funds provided by the bank/ option.
  • Opportunity of provision of credit limit for the amount of AMD 50 000 - 1 000 000 and more or its equivalent in foreign currency.
  • Provision of the card in AMD, USD, Euro, and RUR.
  • Provision of an additional card to the family members within the card account.
  • Unlike cash purchases at trade centres, in case of making purchases with payment cards you will get 3-30% discounts in over 40 local trade points


  • Transfer of the amount available on the card account in case of losing the card outside the RA.

Conditions of the credit line on Visa CLASSIC CREDIT card


  • None


  • AMD, USD, Euro

Secured with funds

  • AMD, USD, Euro

Amount of the credit limit

  • AMD 50 000 -1 000 000 or its equivalent in foreign currency

Validity term

  • 36 months

Period of provision of the credit limit

  • Until submission by the client of the card closing application or closing of the limit based on the Bank’s justified opinion

Period of preparation and provision

  • Maximum 5 working days

Interest rate

  • Is approved by the Management Board

Setting the limit

  • For card holders and not cardholders of "Converse Bank" CJSC, up to three fold of the net salary or average monthly income /from entrepreneurial activity, pension, rent, and other documentarily evidenced income/, depending on the client’s creditworthiness.

Procedure of repayment and calculation of interest

  • The transactions performed by the client each month are reflected in the monthly statement. The statement date is the 1st, 10th, or 25th day of each month /if it’s a non-working day, then the next working day/.
  • For salary cards, statement date is the 25th or 10th day of each month, at the client’s choice. / if it’s a non-working day, then the next working day /.
  • The credit limit can be repaid by 2 options:

Option 1. Credit cards with a grace period

  • The client is granted with a grace period of 15 days starting from the statement date, and in case of paying the full used part of the credit limit during the grace period no interest is charged.
  • The client shall repay the debt specified in the statement until expiry of the grace period, in accordance with the Tariffs and Rates set by the Bank.
  • The part of the credit limit used by the client is restored for the size of the repaid amount.
  • In case of failure to repay fully the liability created at the end of the grace period, interest is accrued at the interest rates set by the Bank’s tariffs at the given moment. After preparation of the statement the client shall credit to the account at least 10% of the credit limit used by the client plus the interest accrued for the current month, of which the interest calculated for each month shall be deducted and the remaining amount of the credited amount shall be directed for restoration of the credit limit used by the client. In case of failure to make the minimum 10% payment set for the credit limit, the used limit is considered overdue for the respective amount, and daily penalty of 0.15% of the overdue amount is accrued.

Option 2. Credit cards without a grace period

  • The credit limit is provided without a grace period for repayment, interest is accrued to the used credit limit daily.
  • On the preferred day of each month, the client shall repay the interest accrued to the used portion of the credit limit as of the given day / and/or the penalty. In case of failure to repay the interest within the required period, penalty of 0.4 percent of the overdue interest amount is accrued.
  • The client is offered the opportunity to repay the accrued interest preliminarily, 15 days in advance.
  • The accrued interest is the sum of interest accrued to separate transactions for the period starting from the date of recording a transaction until the date of repayment of the transaction amount.
  • Regular credits made by the client are used for repayment of the used limit, after which the limit is restored for the same amount.


  • In certain cases, depending on the place of usage of the Card and the character of the transaction, the credit limit of the card can be exceeded in the result of one or several transactions, in case of which a penalty is accrued in the size set by the Bank’s Tariffs and Rates.


List of required documents

  • Application;
  • Passport;
  • Public services number or a reference on having no public services number;
  • Reference from the place of employment printed on the employer’s letterhead, specifying the position held, length of service, and size of the net salary. The client can be also required to present a copy of his/her available annual individual statement submitted for the client by the employer to the RA Social Insurance Fund. (this list of documents doesn’t apply to cards secured with pledge of funds or to corporate credit cards);
  • If cards are provided to private entrepreneurs:
  • PE’s certificate;
  • TIN;
  • Results of business analysis approved by the CFD, according to "Converse Bank" CJSC's Regulation on Provision of Individual Loans;
  • A reference from the SRC regarding the obligations of the latter towards the state.
  • Other documents evidencing income;
  • Other documents, if required.

* The salary reference shall be dated not more than 15 calendar days before the date of submission

Other information

Decision is made on the basis of the following factors:

1. If the client is an account holder of "Converse bank" CJSC and receives salary on the banking account held at "Converse bank" CJSC for three months and longer, then the following is taken into account:

  • turnover on the client’s accounts during the last three months, the average monthly balance is calculated, or
  • the salary reference is compared with the salary actually received on the account, or
  • the client’s creditworthiness is assessed on the basis of other factors, which is compared with the limit requested by the client and a conclusion is given concerning the maximum credit limit. The already existing liabilities, monthly payments, the family status, and other data characterizing the client’s creditworthiness are considered.

2. If the client is a new client of "Converse bank" CJSC or has a banking history at the Bank for less than three months, then the credit limit is determined on the basis of the data that characterize the client’s creditworthiness, which is determined by "Converse bank" CJSC.

3. Thereafter:

  • It is checked whether the client is in the database of "Converse bank" CJSC’s borrowers and in "Converse bank" CJSC’s database of suspicious persons;
  • Frequency of making utility payments is checked in the database of utility payments;
  • In case of an amount equivalent to AMD 100 000 and more, an inquiry is made to ACRA information system;
  • Other possible reviews are conducted.

In the result of the above-mentioned reviews, an assessment is given for the client’s creditworthiness, and its insufficiency is a basis for rejection to the client.