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Performance Assessment Principles for Converse Bank CJSC

Executive Management

Executive Management involves Chief Executive Director and Management.
The board applies the following Criteria to assess the performance of the Executive Management:

  • Performance of the Action Plan
  • Implementation of decisions adopted by the Board
  • Performance of strategic plans approved by the board
  • Risk mitigation functions
  • Effeciency of current management of the Bank
  • Interest rate policy
  • Human Resource policy

Number and gravity of administrative infringements recorded by Central Bank of Armenia or other government authorities against the Bank managers.

The Board

Armen Ter-Tachatyan
Board Chairman
Arsen Gamaghelyan (Ter Hovel Archpriest)
Board Member
Daniel Guillermo Simonutti
Board Member
Juan Carlos Ozcoidi
Board Member
Marcelo Wende
Board Member

Executive Management

Andranik Grigoryan
Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of Executive Management

Executive Management

Grant Akopian
Financial Director, Deputy CEO, Member of Executive Management
Vahe Dalyan
Risk Management Director, Member of Executive Management
Artur Nahapetyan
Business Development Director, Member of Executive Management
Sargis Khachatryan
Corporate Business Director, Member of Executive Management
David Azatyan
Head of Accounting Division - Chief Accountant

Internal audit

Karen Ghahramanyan
Head of Internal Audit