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Loan "Gyumri"

Loan "Gyumri"

"Gyumri" loan is provided to the following business areas of Shirak region:

  •  Tourism (travel agencies, hotels and guest houses, individual passenger transportation business), including medical tourism, mountaineering, bicycle races, etc.;
  •  Trade (catering, entertainment and leisure centers' business,
  •  selling souvenirs, national products, brand shops, and trade of other goods);
  •  Individual passenger transportation for tourists;
  •  Travel companies;
  •  Other tourism-related areas /medical tourism, mountaineering, bicycle races, etc./.

Eligible borrowers for "Gyumri" loan type are:

  •  Legal entities and sole proprietors acting in the area, who:
  •  Own real estate that is not used for business purposes and will submit a business plan for its development;
  •  Want to expand their business in the tourism industry;
  •  Want to establish new guest houses and public catering centers, other infrastructures.
  •  Legal entities with individual businesses operating in different regions of Armenia and sole proprietors who want to move their business to Shirak region, opening branches.
  •  Businessmen from Shirak region working abroad, who intend to return and start/resume their business in Shirak region. 
 Annual interest rates and maturities, by currencies*
Currency/Maturity  60 months  120 months
AMD  10,5% 11%
 USD  8%  8%
 EURO  6%  6%
 Maximum amount   AMD 150 mln or its equivalent in foreign currency
 One-off fee for loan disbursement
  •  For loans with maturity up to 60 months, inclusive - 0.25% of the loan amount
  •  For loans with maturity above 60 months - 0.5% of the loan amount
 Fee for review of the loan application AMD 0
 Business consultation during the lending process and at the stage of project implementation  free of charge

* Loans for replenishment of the working assets - up to 60 months, loans for replenishment of the fixed assets - up to 120 months.
The interest rate for the first 24 months of the loan maturity is fixed, and for the 25th - 120th months - floating.
In case of start-up projects - up to 24 months' grace period for repayment of the principal loan amount.
Business consultation during the lending process and at the stage of project implementation - free of charge.

For the borrowers receiving this type of loan:

  •  Opening, maintenance of banking accounts, and free-of-charge services of remote management (Internet Banking, ConverseMobile);
  •  Installation of POS terminals without a service fee for one year;
  •  Application of fees for cash desk services at of 50% of the current tariffs;
  •  Providing Premium payment cards to the beneficiaries and managers of the company/business free of charge, without annual service fees;
  •  Providing corporate cards for current expenses of the company/business free of charge, without annual fees for service of the card account.