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Account opening and maintaining

Account opening and maintaining

The Bank opens an account(s) in AMD and/or FX currency for its customers, performs complex service of account(s) as well as all those settlement and cash-desk operations upon the customer՚s request, which are envisaged by the RA legal acts for the RA resident and non-resident legal entities and individuals.


  • Cash - the customer performs input at the moment of cash input
  • Non-cash - at the receipt of payment order


  • Cash
  • Non-cash

Account statements, information guides and other account-related information can be provided to the customer in any way preferable to him: in hand, by mail or e-mail, either by Internet-bank or Bank-customer system for AMD 0 after filling the "Application for Provision of Information". Copies of statements are provided by the bank in accordance with specified tariffs.

Tarrifs and Rates

/presented in AMD/
1 Accounts are opened for legal entities and private individuals, private entrepreneurs, organizations that are not legal entities / don’t have the status of legal entities, in the following currencies:  
  Non-material metal accounts /gold 999.9/  
  Accounts in other currencies can be opened by the client’s request, and other tariffs can be set for them  
1.1 Opening of accounts1  
  • for private individuals, in AMD
  • for private individuals, in other currencies and non-material metals /gold/
AMD 500 
  • for legal entities
AMD 1 000 /one-off/
1.2 Maintenance of accounts2/3  
  • for private individuals
AMD 1 200  /annual/
  • for legal entities
AMD 4 800 /annual/
  • for private individuals and legal entities, in case of non-material metal accounts /gold/4
0.1%, minimum AMD 5000, maximum AMD 10 000
  • pension account
  • social package account
  • state support account
 1.3  Interest accrued to the balance on the account5  
   - current accounts  0%
   -  savings  
  •  AMD
 0.1% /annual/
  •  AMD, pension
 0.5% /annual/
  • state support
7.5% /annual/
  •  in other currencies
  •  In non-material metals /gold/
  •  social package account
 3% /annual/
   - demand accounts  0.1% /annual/
 1.4 Minimum balance on the account 0
 1.5  Closing of the account6  
  •  in case of private individuals
AMD 1 000 /one-off/
  •  in case of pension account
  •  in case of social package account
  •  in case of legal entities
 AMD 2 000 /one-off/
  • in case of state support account
 1.6 Individual service of the client7  up to AMD 25 000 monthly /if the client is a legal entity, it includes service of managers of the given organization/
 1.7 Maintenance of accounts  
  •  By AS "Bank-Client" software 8
the tariff applies starting from the second month
  - in case of making 50 and more transactions monthly AMD 3 000 /monthly/, including VAT
  - in case of making up to 50 transactions monthly AMD 6 000 /monthly/, including VAT
  •  Viewing the statement by My Converse system
  •  By AS Internet-Bank system
  - for private individuals, without a security device 0
  - for private individuals, with usage of a security device8 


  - cost of the security device8

AMD 8 000, including VAT

  - for legal entities  
       account service fee9      

0, in case of making 45 and more transactions during the quarter

AMD 10 000 /quarterly/, including VAT, in case of making up to 45 transactions during the quarter

      fee per user AMD 600 /monthly/, including VAT
   cost of the security device8  AMD 8 000 /one-off/, including VAT
    cost of the double-secured security device AMD 12 000 /one-off/, including VAT
  • by mConverse mobile bank system
        for private individuals 0
        for legal entities AMD 10 000 /annual/, including VAT

Current account is offered only to legal entities and individual entrepreneurs and saving account is offered only to individuals. The account management fee is charged from the customer’s account once a year for the use of the particular account. Furthermore, for the first 12 months of using the account the fee is charged at the date of opening the account, and for each subsequent 12 months the fee is charged within the first 5 banking days of the particular period.
Interests are paid for accounts quarterly, except for correspondent, special and transit accounts for which the interest is calculated based on agreements; in other cases interest is paid within the first five days after the quarter,.
Is applied only in cases, when the last account of the Customer is closed.
Criteria for tariff determination are defined by the order of the Bank CEO.
5 The minimum balance in AMD is not applied only in case, when it is open as attached to a foreign currency card.
6 In case of more than 100 transactions via internet banking there is no chargeable fee:
In case of more than 50 transactions via Bank customer program, by Armenian Software program it is charged AND3000 (effective from the second month).
In case of more than 50 transactions via Bank-Client of Converse Bank there is no chargeable fee (effective from the second month).
7 The amount is charged from the date of opening the account, on a yearly basis, against the average annual balance; should the account be closed during the year, the amount will be charged at the date of closure, against the average balance for the particular period.
8 Security device - one-time unique code generating device
9 Service fees are charged quarterly, by the 15th day of the month following the quarter. Upon execution of 3/4 but no less than 20 noncash transactions by the customer during the quarter through Internet-Bank system, no service fee is charged for the following quarter.
10 The account is subject to closure upon failure to enter the commission under paragraph 1.2 hereof on the customer’s account within the first 3 months following the particular period.

Terms and conditions of account opening for private individuals

Converse Bank offers to resident and non-resident private individuals to open savings, pension or non-material metal account at the Bank and make use of all of the Bank’s services. For account opening, it is necessary to submit the following documents to the Bank:

The following documents to be submitted by the client:

  • personal identification document, evidencing citizenship /passport or military service book/,
  • PSN or a document evidencing its absence /only for RA residents/,
  • in case of pension accounts, also a document evidencing the fact of being a pensioner /pension, honorary payment, monetary support, amount of payments envisaged by other social support projects/.

On the letterheads provided by the Bank:

  • account opening application /for private individuals/
  • in case of a pension account - "Application for opening of a pension account"
  • You can preliminarily send the document titled "Account opening application" to the Bank, by means of the website, on the basis of which an account will be reserved at the Bank. In this case, it is necessary to send the above-mentioned documents to the Bank within 7 days. After submission of the required documents, Converse Bank and the client will also sign the "Agreement on Opening and Maintenance of a Banking Account(s)".

If you have chosen the "internet” option for provision of statements, then together with the package of the necessary documents you will need to send also the "Application to view account statements electronically".

You have an opportunity to view your account statements also directly from the website, registering in "My Converse" system.

Joint accounts can also be opened at Converse Bank. In this case, if the account management right is given to account holders separately, then the notarized written permission of the others should be submitted.

Converse Bank should be provided with the originals or notarized copies of the required documents, except for those documents, which are provided by the Bank.

The Bank can open non-material metal accounts for private individuals, according to the agreement on opening and maintenance of non-material metal account/s/.

Non-material metal accounts are intended for accounting of gold. The bases for accounting of gold are only the carat and weight of the gold. The gold available on non-material metal accounts is measured in grams. Metal accounts can be opened only for gold with 999.9 purity.

Metal accounts aren’t secured by the Deposit Insurance Fund.

Please read the following most attentively:

Interest rate is accrued towards the funds available on the client’s account based on the nominal interest rate. And the annual interest yield shows the income that can be obtained if the interest amount accrued to the deposit is reinvested in form of a deposit. 

The Bank has the right to terminate the agreement signed with the client, if:

  • the client has violated any of the provisions specified by the agreement,
  • there are other bases envisaged for it by normative legal acts of the RA.

The client’s rights to manage all banking accounts (savings, pension, etc.) and the funds available on them can be restricted on the basis of the application submitted by judicial acts’ mandatory enforcement bodies and tax bodies, according to court decisions.

Seizure of funds without the client’s instruction can be done on the basis of the application submitted by judicial acts’ mandatory enforcement bodies and tax bodies. They are reflected in the statements of the client’s bank accounts, which are provided to the client in accordance with the procedure agreed between the Bank and the client.

Dear clients,

For detailed information you can apply to the Bank’s head office at 26/1 Vazgen Dargsyan Str. Republic Square, or call by phone numbers 010 511 211, as well as to all branches of the Bank, by the following addresses and phone numbers.