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Woman’s Card


Card of your femininity

Dear Women,

Feel the pleasure of feminine delights by acquiring Woman՚s card of "Converse Bank" envisaged specially for women.

  • With its special design and attractive wrapping it will become the visit-card of your femininity by enabling using a number of advantages and pleasant surprises.
  • All possessors of Converse Bank card participate in "Converse Points" Rewards Program. This means that any non-cash transaction executed by Converse Bank cardholders awards them bonus points: 1 bonus point for each AMD 1,000 paid at merchandisers through POS-terminals of other banks, and 1.5 bonus point for each AMD 1,000 paid at merchandisers through Convese Bank’s POS terminal.
  • We have created a wide discount system specially for you, which consists of 160 high quality trade /service points, where you can receive not needed services, but also a wonderful discount opportunity.

Accentuate your femininit:

  • At restaurants and leisure centres,
  • In dishware, clothes and shoes parlours,
  • In barberries, beauty salons, SPA centres and anywhere.

Tariffs for Woman's Card MasterCard

N Service Type DEBIT CREDIT1
1 Card Issue 0 0
2 Annual service fee 3 000 AMD 6 000 AMD
3 Monthly service fee 500 AMD 500 AMD
4 Merchant transactions 0 0
5 Cash withdrawal at Bank POS-terminals and ATMs AMD 0.2% / foreign corrency 0.3% with grace period 0.9% 
no grace period 0.5%
6 Cash withdrawal at POS-terminals and ATMs of other ArCa system banks 1% 1%
7 Cash withdrawal at POS-terminals and ATMs of other banks, which are out of ArCa system 2%, min 2 500 AMD 2%, min 2 500 AMD
8 Maximum limit daily cash withdrawal 500 000 AMD / 1 500 USD / 1 000 EUR / 50 000 RUB 500 000 AMD / 1 500 USD / 1 000 EUR
9 Maximum available amount of daily encashment transactions 500 000 AMD 500 000 AMD
10 Maximum available number of daily encashment transactions 10 10
11 Interest rate % (annual) against the positive balance of card account 0 0
12 Provision of a statement from the card account with the frequency set by the legislation of the RA /once/ 0 0
13 Provision of an additional statement from the card account above the frequency set by the legislation of the RA 1 000 AMD 1 000 AMD
14 Penalty for exceeding the payment limits 3 000 AMD 3 000 AMD
15 Card and PIN code reissue in case of lost/stolen/damaged card 0.15% daily; the penalty doesn’t apply for three working days following the date when the limit is exceeded. 
If the excess amount isn’t repaid, the penalty is applied on the fourth working day starting from the date when the limit is exceeded.
16 Card and PIN code reissue in case of lost/stolen/damaged card 2 000 AMD 2 000 AMD
17 Card and PIN code same-day reissue in case with lost/stolen/damaged card 5 000AMD 5 000 AMD
18 Transfer of cash from card in case of card loss outside Armenia 5% of the amount 5% of the amount
19 Unjustified chargeback request 5 000 AMD 5 000 AMD
20 Card to card transfers 0.5% 1%
21 Penalty applied to balance in case of failing to pay the minimum deposit  -  0,15 % for each day of delay
22 Minimum fee applied at the end of grace period  -  10% of the used part of the credit limit
23 SMS messages to cardholders on receipt and withdrawal on card accounts
VAT include
  • 20 AMD for RA cell operator numbers
  • 40 AMD for foreign cell operator numbers
24 Card unblocking fee 500 AMD 500 AMD
25 Termination of the card validity in the bank's authorization system and putting it on the Stop-list/ for two weeks 15 000 AMD 15 000 AMD
26 Reducing the limit of the card per the Customer application - 0
27 Increasing the limit of the card per the Customer application- - 3 000 MAD
28 Providing medical insurance during trips to foreign countries According to Proces of Insurance companies

1During calculation of interests against the utilized credit limit a grace period is given from 44 to 15 days depending on the dae of credit limit usse.

2The customer has the opportunity of selecting payment method to pay for card account service - either monhly or per annum. Relvant note is marked in the Application on opening a card, while for already effective cards - with an application.

*Additional card - an additional card opened for the same account, within the same payment system /VISA-VISA, ARCA-ARCA, MasterCard-MasterCard - VISA, ARCA

**Card attached to - the same account, additional card opened under various payment systems /VISA - ARCA, MasterCard; ARCA - VISA, MasterCard; MasterCard - VISA, ARCA/

At the moment of certifying transactions in currency, differing from the currency of the card account, from the card must be frozen an amount calculated at the rate of exchange "transaction currency - USD" as established by VISA/MasterCard, and afterwards must be frozen an amount, calculated at the exchange rate -"USD - card currency" of the Bank Dealing unit. The amount of the subject transaction is collected from the actual cardholder on the day of calculation by application of the above-mentioned mechanism. The amount of transaction certification /freezing/ and the amount of actual calculation may differ. While executing transactions in AMD with foreign currency cards, the exchange rates for certification and calculation of the transaction are established by the bank, but they also vary, depending on the day of execution and on the day of calculation of the transaction.

Order the card online, here.

Woman's Card description

 Woman՚s card belongs to the MasterCard Standard international payment cards class and it has all the advantages peculiar to its card type:

  • unlimited cash receipt and performance of non-cash transactions in all trade/service and encashment points all over the world where sign exists,
  • ability of virtual trade and payments in the internet environment,
  • from card to card fast money transfers,
  • free receipt of extracts in the way preferred by a cardholder,
  • SMS receipt on transaction at the moment of conduction,
  • transfer of salary immediately on a card account,
  • ensuring of secrecy and security of cardholder՚s personal data, card flow and balance,
  • additional card provision to family members under a card account,
  • ability of credit line acquisition,
  • transfer of amount available on the cardholder՚s card account in case of loss of the card outside the RA territory.
  • Ensuring in the virtual /internet/ environment the modern 3D Secure security system consonant with the international criteria 

Attention! Specially for Woman՚s card cardholders: 

  • Attractive and multifunctional card wrapping in a form of a women cosmetic bag.
  • Discounts in over 40 trade points. 

Conditions of the credit line on Woman's card Mastercard 


  • None


  • AMD, USD, Euro

Secured with funds

  • AMD, USD, Euro

Amount of the credit limit

  • AMD 150 000 -1 000 000 or its equivalent in foreign currency

Validity term

  • 60 months

Period of provision of the credit limit

  • Until submission by the client of the card closing application or closing of the limit based on the Bank’s justified opinion

Period of preparation and provision

  • Maximum 5 working days

Interest rate

  • Is approved by the Management Board

Setting the limit

  • For card holders and not cardholders of “Converse Bank” CJSC, up to three fold of the net salary or average monthly income /from entrepreneurial activity, pension, rent, and other documentarily evidenced income/, depending on the client’s creditworthiness.

Procedure of repayment and calculation of interest

  • The transactions performed by the client each month are reflected in the monthly statement. The statement date is the 1st, 10th, or 25th day of each month /if it’s a non-working day, then the next working day/.
  • For salary cards, statement date is the 25th or 10th day of each month, at the client’s choice. / if it’s a non-working day, then the next working day /.
  • The credit limit can be repaid by 2 options:

Option 1. Credit cards with a grace period

  • The client is granted with a grace period of 15 days starting from the statement date, and in case of paying the full used part of the credit limit during the grace period no interest is charged.
  • The client shall repay the debt specified in the statement until expiry of the grace period, in accordance with the Tariffs and Rates set by the Bank.
  • The part of the credit limit used by the client is restored for the size of the repaid amount.
  • In case of failure to repay fully the liability created at the end of the grace period, interest is accrued at the interest rates set by the Bank’s tariffs at the given moment. After preparation of the statement the client shall credit to the account at least 10% of the credit limit used by the client plus the interest accrued for the current month, of which the interest calculated for each month shall be deducted and the remaining amount of the credited amount shall be directed for restoration of the credit limit used by the client. In case of failure to make the minimum 10% payment set for the credit limit, the used limit is considered overdue for the respective amount, and daily penalty of 0.15% of the overdue amount is accrued.

Option 2. Credit cards without a grace period

  • The credit limit is provided without a grace period for repayment, interest is accrued to the used credit limit daily.
  • On the preferred day of each month, the client shall repay the interest accrued to the used portion of the credit limit as of the given day / and/or the penalty. In case of failure to repay the interest within the required period, penalty of 0.4 percent of the overdue interest amount is accrued.
  • The client is offered the opportunity to repay the accrued interest preliminarily, 15 days in advance.
  • The accrued interest is the sum of interest accrued to separate transactions for the period starting from the date of recording a transaction until the date of repayment of the transaction amount.
  • Regular credits made by the client are used for repayment of the used limit, after which the limit is restored for the same amount.


  • In certain cases, depending on the place of usage of the Card and the character of the transaction, the credit limit of the card can be exceeded in the result of one or several transactions, in case of which a penalty is accrued in the size set by the Bank’s Tariffs and Rates.


List of required documents

  • Application;
  • Passport;
  • Public services number or a reference on having no public services number;
  • Reference from the place of employment printed on the employer’s letterhead, specifying the position held, length of service, and size of the net salary. The client can be also required to present a copy of his/her available annual individual statement submitted for the client by the employer to the RA Social Insurance Fund. (this list of documents doesn’t apply to cards secured with pledge of funds or to corporate credit cards);
  • If cards are provided to private entrepreneurs:
  • PE’s certificate;
  • TIN;
  • Results of business analysis approved by the CFD, according to "Converse Bank" CJSC's Regulation on Provision of Individual Loans;
  • Other documents evidencing income;
  • Other documents, if required.

* The salary reference shall be dated not more than 15 calendar days before the date of submission