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Visa Virtual Account

Visa Virtual Account

VISA virtual account is a debit payment card, intended for payments and purchases in the internet.  

N Type of service For resident clients For non-resident clients
1 Service of Visa virtual account 1 000 AMD 3 000 AMD
2 Validity term of Visa virtual account 3 years 3 years
3 Fees form non-cash transactions* 0 0
 4 Maximum daily limit of non-cash transactions  1,000 000 AMD
3,000 USD
2,000 EUR
100 000 RUB
1,000 000 AMD
3,000 USD
2,000 EUR
100 000 RUB
5 Maximum daily number of non-cash transactions - -
6 Provision of an additional**account  500 AMD  AMD 500
 7 Card to card transfers, transfers from card accounts to other accounts, cash withdrawal from card accounts  3% 3% 
 8 Provision of a statement from the virtual account  0
Provision of an additional statement from the virtual account
The amounts are VAT inclusive
AMD 1 000   AMD 1 000 
 10 Penalty accrued to the amount in excess of the credit limit  0,15 % of the excessive amount for each day
 11 Submission of unjustified chargeback application  5 000 AMD  5 000 AMD

Sending SMS concerning amounts credited to and debited from the virtual account

The amounts are VAT inclusive

  • AMD 20 for phone numbers serviced by RA operators
  • AMD 40 for phone numbers serviced by RA operators
 13    0

*In case of transactions done in a currency different from the currency of the account at trade and service centres that operate beyond ArCa system, at the time of currency conversion the fee of 1% set by the Bank is applied. Exceptions are transactions in USD and Euro.

** Additional Visa virtual account opened within the same account.

Provided services

  • making transactions in the internet,
  • making payments for goods/services by phone/e-mail. Transactions are authorized if made in the internet or by phone/e-mail for the purpose of purchasing goods and services.


  • it isn’t allowed to make such payments, at the time of final authorization of which availability of a physical card can be required,


  • This is a VISA card, with which you can make payments at any website that services VISA system
  • The service fee is very low. For example, the service fee for VISA Classic debit card for 1 year is AMD 5 000, while that of VISA Virtual account is AMD 1 000 for 3 years
  • This is a debit card, which means that you spend your own money and there is no risk of getting debt or credit card through carelessness
  • It is secure, since there is no physical (tangible) version, therefore there is no risk of losing the card, and the number and cvv2 code of the card is known only to you
  • Ensuring in the virtual /internet/ environment the modern 3D Secure security system consonant with the international criteria

Banking transfers

  • Just like other banking cards, VISA virtual account can also be managed by means of Online bank system, making transfers from other accounts to VISA Virtual account, from VISA Virtual account to other accounts, viewing the flow and balance on the account.
  • It is possible to make transactions with VISA virtual account, registering it as a virtual card at

Converse Points from VISA virtual transactions

Converse Points from payments made through VISA virtual account are accumulated on conditions of Converse Points; you can see the details at

How to order?

For clients of Converse Bank

  • VISA virtual account online can be ordered also online, website or at Converse Bank’s page in Facebook
  • After filling out the application for VISA virtual account online, the information containing the number of your virtual card, name, surname, and the validity term, is sent to you through Converse Bank’s “My Converse” account viewing system or Internet Banking, and the cvv2 code of the virtual card is sent to you by an SMS, which rules out disclosure of all data of your card to third persons.

For non-clients

  • Private individuals, who are not clients of Converse Bank, can fill out the application for VISA virtual account online (at website or at Converse Bank’s page in Facebook) and you need to visit the Bank only once, to submit your passport and PSN (social card).

Order the card online, here