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EUR Bonds


The prospectus of the bonds issued by Converse Bank CJSC was registered by decision No. 1/220A of the Chairman of the Central Bank of RA dated March 29, 2018.

Placement of the Euro tranche of the issued bonds has begun on April 26, 2018 and has been completed on August 16, 2018. Within the framework of this tranche, bonds with nominal value of Euro 5,000,000 will be placed.

To buy the bonds, the investors shall fill out the Bond Acquisition Application/s/ in accordance with the specified procedure and submit it properly to Converse Bank CJSC.

After filling out the Bond Acquisition Application and its proper submission to Converse Bank CJSC, but not later than by 16:30 of the same working day, the person willing to buy bonds shall make payment for the bonds to the account number 1930043129823704 opened at Converse Bank CJSC.

The prospectus was posted on the Bank’s website on 20.04.2018.

You can view the electronic version of the prospectus here, and its hard copy can be obtained by visiting the head office of Converse Bank CJSC at 26/1, Vazgen Sargsyan Str., Republic Square, 0010, Yerevan.

Significant Conditions of the Bonds

Issuer Converse Bank CJSC
Class Nominal coupon
Nominal value Euro 100
Total volume Euro 5,000,000
Turnover term 36 months
Coupon yield 4%
Frequency of coupon payment Semi-annual
Placed by Converse Bank CJSC

According to the RA Law on “Guarantee of Repayment of Deposits by Private Individuals”, the funds attracted via nominal coupon bonds issued by the Bank are considered as guaranteed banking deposit, guaranteed by the Deposit Guarantee Fund.

In order to buy the bonds, the customer needs to have or open:

  1. securities account opened at one of the account operators licensed in accordance with the law;
  2. AMD account at any bank.

Converse Bank CJSC is an account operator. All required accounts can be opened also at Converse Bank CJSC.

For the customers buying the bonds issued by Converse Bank CJSC, accounts are opened free-of-charge and no service fee is charged within the validity term of the bonds.

The minimum number of bonds to be purchased is 20, and the maximum number is limited by the volume of placement.

10% income tax for individuals and 10% for non-resident legal entities will not be levied on the coupon bonds issued by the bank.

You can download the electronic version of the final conditions of bonds’ issue by clicking here.




Bond Program Prospectus

Final Issuance Terms

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