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"Converse Bank" CJSC - the Sponsor of the "International Theatre Festival of Shakespeare"


During the grand opening of the festival devoted to the renowned director Robert Stouroua, Ararat Ghukasyan, Executive Director of "Converse Bank", congratulated the Master and his ability, "seeing him as a single tree in the forest". Mr Ghukasyan said that the opening is a double festive occasion as in addition the Armenian people are celebrating the anniversary of the great son of our neighbour country.

In the name of the Bank Ararat Ghukasyan presented a commemorate coin of Mesrop Mashtots and a Diploma to the best director of Shakespeare of the 20th century as symbol of cultural relations between Armenia and Georgia.

The Moscow Artistic Theatre after Chekhov, the National Academic Theatre after Rustavelli in Tbilisi and other foreign theatres participated in the festival. Performances based on Shakespeare's works of renowned directors Robert Stouroua, Njakroshussi and Boutousov will be presented.

Famous Shakespearian scholars Alexey Bartoshevitch and Angey Zhourovski will take part in the festival and give master-classes.

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