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Converse Bank has completed the placement of corporate bonds


We are pleased to announce that Converse Bank has completed the 12th and 13th tranches of bond placement two months ahead of schedule. For the first time, bonds were distributed through the Converse Bank’s mobile application.

In total, 3 billion Armenian drams and 10 million US dollar corporate bonds were placed. The tenor of the bonds is 36 months, the coupon payment is semi-annual, and the coupon rate is 9.75%% and 5.25%, respectively.

The Bank will apply to the Armenian Stock Exchange to list the distributed bonds on the ABond platform of corporate bonds.

Currently, Converse Bank’s2 billion Armenian drams and and 15 million US dollar bonds are being traded on the Armenian Stock Exchange.

We plan to distribute another two tranches of corporate bonds during 2021.

Converse Bank is a universal bank providing banking services both in its branches and on its online platforms. As of 30th June 2021, the bank's assets amounted to 360 billion Armenian drams with the loan portfolio of 223 billion Armenian drams and liabilities to customers to 254.7 billion Armenian drams.

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