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Utility payments

Utility payments

"Converse Bank" offers an opportunity to implement all types of utility payments:

  • in all branches of the Bank
  • through ATMs
  • without visiting Bank, by using a standing order, through automated charges from savings and card accounts, leaving the payment implementation to the Bank.

Pay utility bills in the Bank

It is possible to pay all types of community charges within minutes. In additon "Converse Bank" has the opportunity for clients to ascertain their utility payments with the online equipment in the head office of "Converse Bank". Simply dial the telephone number or the number of subscriber՚s card.

Pay utility bills through ATMs

Without visiting Bank, through "Converse Bank" ATMs, any time you can do utility payments with VISA, ArCa and Mastercard  except for water.

Pay utility bills without visiting the bank

"Converse Bank" suggests an exclusive method for the payment of community fees on the basis of receipts. This is the best way to save time and avoid queues. Having a "Converse Bank" current or card account, it is not necessary to visit to Bank or community payments office. It is only necessary to fill in the application for "loading community fees from accounts."

Included in the application:

  • preferable implementation date of charges is the period from 15th till 20th of each month
  • maximum amount of charges, within the limit of which the Bank may commit automated collections /whereas the amount exceeds the limit, charges may be executed only by consent of the customer/
  • address, e-mail or fax number to inform client of charges paid.

After receipt of the instructions "Converse Bank" automatically implements

  • electricity
  • gas
  • water
  • telephone and cellular phone

utility payment and informs about each payment to the client.

Acceptance of payment for recharging prepaid ALO cards in the Bank

Hereinafter the citizens may recharge their ALO prepaid cards without buying a recharge card by simply paying in any branch of Converse Bank the desired charge pay for ALO prepaid cards, the amount of which should not exceed AMD 90,000.

For more details please contact the Head Office on the address 26/1, Vazden Sargsyan Str., Republic Square or by phone 511 200, 511211 as well as all the branches of the Bank on the following addresses and telephone numbers.