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Converse Bank as an Employer


The professional staff, highly integrated team work, mutual respect and trust are the main guarantees of the Bank success.
Qualified and skilled employees turn the Bank to competitive advantage.


Today Converse Bank employs around 700 experienced employees. The Bank has 35 branches all over the republic due to which the Bank services are available in Armenia and in Mountainous Karabagh Republic.

We greet all experienced professionals who are:

  • initiative and purposeful,
  • not despondent over crucial decisions or complex problems,
  • full of energy,
  • have innovative thinking
  • eager for constant advance and progress.

We assess their great abilities of making up literate and informed decisions and doing effective teamwork.

At the same time we give an opportunity to daring, purposeful and curious students to undergo their practical training in Converse Bank. Moreover, the best students will be included in the human resource pool of the Bank after successful end of their practice.

We wish you build your career with resolute and decisive steps to make a just and stable future.