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Advantages of Working in Converse Bank

Converse Bank implements an effective system of financial and nonfinancial incentives:
The system of financial incentives include:

  • provision of banking services with more comfortable terms and conditions than in the market
  • health insurance for the employees and their families
  • flexible salary and remuneration payment system, including fixed and alterable installments,
  • bonus and encouragement payments.

The system of nonfinancial incentives include:

  • personal and professional development, career advancement
  • recognition of the Bank employees’ personal investment in the Bank and team promotion, which allows strengthening team spirit and valuate achievement of an employee or a team,
  • training and progress of employees. The Bank fully realizes that the staff members are its greatest and permanent assets, so any expense spent for training and advancement of the staff is considered as investment in the future promotion of the Bank.

We also encourage our employees to use their professional and theoretical resources, and constantly develop them. Our employees possess exceptional possibility of career advance, because in case of any vacancies, the employees are invited to apply for the position and try their skills before placing the vacancy announcement for public. This is an optional opportunity for employees to show their abilities and reach more success, thus asserting loyalty to Bank.

And yet, our employees understand clearly that the success of the Bank and their own success are strongly interrelated and interdependent.