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"Converse Bank" CJSC offers loans to private individuals both in AMD and in foreign currency.

General terms and conditions related to individual loans

  • Individual loans are provided in cash and non-cash manner.
  • Loans are repaid in the currency, in which they were disbursed, and the interest amounts accrued to loans are repaid in AMD /for loans in foreign currency - converted at the foreign currency exchange rate set by the bank on the day of repayment/.
  • In case of using other services offered by the bank, the Borrower gets discounts. In case of auxiliary services, the price of the services /the range of prices/ is determined by the servicing company. If the bank refuses to provide a loan to the client, then, while informing the client about it, the bank shall provide the bases of refusal.
  • The Bank cannot change the interest rate unilaterally, unless otherwise specified in the contract.
  • Changes in foreign exchange rates might affect installments of your loan. For details, please read the Guideline for Individual Loans.
  • For all those loans, which comply with the requirements of the RA Law “On Consumer Lending”, after making a positive decision on the loan application and before signing the loan agreement, the Bank shall provide you with an Individual sheet, based on the loan conditions and the documents submitted by you.


  • Your property (house, car, other) can be seized in the manner defined by the law, if you don’t make timely payment of the interest amount and the loan.
  • If you don’t perform your obligations or perform them inadequately, the information regarding you will be sent to the credit register and credit bureau in accordance with the procedure defined by the legislation of the RA.

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ATTENTION: having bad credit history might hinder you from using financial instruments in the future.
In case if the Bank’s claims aren’t fully satisfied after sale of the pledged property, the Bank shall have the right to seize other property of the client in accordance with the procedure defined by the legislation of RA.

For detailed information, please apply to the Bank’s head office:
Republic Square
26/1 Vazgen Sargsyan Str.
Tel.: +374 10 511 211
As well as other branches of the Bank.