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mConverse. Bank in your smartphone

mConverse is the first system in Armenia designed for smartphones to perform mobile banking and mobile payments. Via mConverse, Converse Bank customers can now use their smartphones to conduct banking transactions anywhere and anytime. Moreover, for the first time, mConverse users have the opportunity to pay for goods and services directly from their smartphones.

mConverse: mobile banking

Customers using mobile banking (available for Android and iOS operating systems) can:

  • Check account balances
  • Make transfers (one-time or regular) between their accounts and to other accounts
  • Check exchange rates
  • Make utility payments
  • View transaction history and get statements
  • Find nearby Converse Bank ATMs. 

mConverse: mobile commerce

Converse Bank customers can now pay for goods and services directly from their smartphones by using mConverse. Participating merchants send payment orders directly to mConverse users, who can pay for the goods or service by simply confirming the payment order via their smartphones.

By using mConverse mobile payments service you get the opportunity to:

  • Make payments for goods and services
  • Review discounts offered by merchandisers
  • Join loyalty programs

Registering for mConverse

To use mConverse, you just need an Android or iOS smartphone. Download the software directly from Google Play or the Apple App Store. Visit a Converse Bank branch, show your ID, get the security certificate code and make the relevant settings.


Service Tariffs
SMART transfer 1%
Transfer inside bank 1%
Transfer to another bank 1% min AMD 100 
Bill payments AMD 20 per payment

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