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BANKER.AM / New kinds of term deposits in the depositary portfolio of the "Converse bank"


The CJSC «Converse bank» has made changes in the order of term deposits acceptance, having filled up the depositary portfolio with new kinds of term deposits. In particular, deposits "Golden kid ", "Safe future "and "Pension" are brought.

For the first time in the banking system of the republic the CJSC «Converse bank» applies the new long-term memory deposit "Gold kid". The memory deposit addressed to the minor child is accepted from lawful representative of the investor and gives the chance to citizens to provide the safe future of children since the childhood. The deposit is accepted in drams equal to put gold of the test 999.9. Deposit term includes 5-16 years, annual percentage rate is 0. According to deposit conditions, the lawful representative of the investor can periodically fill up the deposit. By the end of the term of the deposit investors can receive the saved up sum equivalent to weight of gold or to order the standardized ingot of gold corresponding to the sum.

The deposit "Safe future" gives the chance to take care of well-being at a pension age in youth. Investors can bring the minimum of 50000 drams or 200 dollars and every month to fill up maximum by 100000 drams or 300 dollars. The deposit is accepted on the settlement rate of the «Converse bank» and the interest rate of 5 %. The bank settlement rate is changable and is recalculated once a month.

Deposit term consists of 2 parts: memory and distributive. Accumulation term makes 10 years. By the end of the term of the deposit investors can receive the whole sum at once or establish distribution term, receiving the sum gradually under the chosen schedule. Thus, during this term calculation of percent will be carried out on balance cost.

The deposit "Pension" is appointed for the citizens of the mature age receiving pensions and wishing to save up defined sum for a year. The minimum sum of the deposit "Pension" makes 10000, the maximum sum of accumulation makes five times more than the granted sum. Deposit term makes a year, percentage rate_ 13 %. Once a month at the will of a client percents are added into the account or balance of the deposit. In case of stay of the deposit before the term recalculation under the annual interest rate on 6 % is carried out.

Some changes in deposits "Progress", "Karas" are made; in particular instead of 100000 drams of initial contribution 30000 drams are established.

Let's remind, that at present in the bank deposits "Progress ',"Karas", "Kid ", "Golden kid", "Day", " Pension "and "Safe future" operate.


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