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6 depositors won AMD 1 million in lottery of CHANCE promotion


In the second drawing of lots held on 4 February 2012 the fund of AMD 1,000,000 got distributed among 6 depositors, of which 1 person won AMD 750,000, while the rest got AMD 50,000 each. The lottery involved 251 depositors, who had deposited from May (the time when CHANCE time deposit promotion was initiated) to September 30, 2011. The first drawing involving 46 depositors was held on October 31, 2011.

It's worth noting that time deposit CHANCE is essentially different from other deposits offered by the Bank. The peculiarity is that in the course of deposit effectiveness a lottery is held every three months, and each deposit in the amount of 50,000 continually participates in the lottery till the end of the deposit term. The deposit is accepted in Armenian drams for a term of 36 months. Minimum deposit amount is AMD 50,000. Six depositors necessarily win in each drawing, and the winning fund can be over AMD 1,000,000. 718 depositors have already put money within the frames of the given promotion.

Please, note that presently there also apply promotions of new time deposit YEREVAN.

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