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Converse Bank “Master Voyage” Winners are leaving for Thailand


May 2, 2013, Converse Bank held the Maser Voyage award ceremony for MasterCard and Maestro cardholders. The first and second prizes, 14-day and 7-day trips to the fabulous Thailand, were awarded to the winners of the Action.
The particular travel packages, each for 2 persons, were awarded to the cardholders having scored the largest quantity and amount of transactions at a time – Susanna Hovhannisyan and Liana Purtoyan. Another 50 cardholders were presented various home appliances.
The organizers of the ceremony created an exotic atmosphere reproducing the spirit of Thailand for participants to enjoy Thailand for a few hours.
Converse Bank held “Master Voyage” Action from December 1, 2012 through April 1, 2013, during which all MasterCard and Maestro cardholders of Converse Bank got the chance to win the first two prizes by making noncash transactions.
The scoring scheme was structured on the following principle:
- 30 points for each transaction made by a customer;
- 1 point for each AMD 1,000 of total transactions made by the customer throughout the Action;
- Under the terms, the Action did not cover the noncash payments for public utilities; and several deals made at the same point of sale during the same day were deemed 1 deal.

Converse Bank carries out similar actions to promote noncash transactions in our country. Due to dynamic activities and proven trust of customers for the Bank, the number of Converse Bank’s plastic cards has gone beyond 100,000.

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