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Converse Bank launches two campaigns ahead of Valentine’s Day


The bank noted that by February 28, 2019, inclusive, one can order Visa Classic cards online, via website, without paying the service fee throughout the validity period of the card.

At the same time, the customers making non-cash purchases in the bank’s partner network by February 14, inclusive, will receive 10% CashBack of the purchase amount.

"In order to involve as many cardholders as possible in this loyalty campaign and make their mood festive, Converse Bank has expanded its partner network, including specialized shops that sell perfume, various gifts, coffee, chocolate, and jewelry," Converse Bank said.

Converse Points will be accumulated from non-cash purchases, and the customers will be able to exchange them with valuable gifts in the bank’s partner network.

"The bank will not confine itself to conducting the campaign dedicated to the Lovers’ Day. In the nearest future, on the occasion of the Women’s holidays, Converse Bank will make beneficial and interesting offers for cardholders," Converse Bank summed up.

Details on CashBack campaign are available here.

Details of Visa Classic online order campaign are available here.

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