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E-COMMERCE campaign


E-COMMERCE campaign

The campaign is valid from 4 November 2019 to October 31, 2020 inclusively

The following terms and conditions for the use of bank products are established by "Converse Bank" CJSC (hereinafter referred to as "Bank") for customers who sign a contract on acceptance of payment cards as payment methods on the points of sales and points of services incorporated in their respective websites.

1. For a legal entity and an individual entrepreneur:

Type of service


Opening and running current accounts


Maintenance and user fee of "AS Internet Bank" system


Annual service fee for one corporate Visa Business card

50% less than the current standard tariff before the card expiration date

Provision of one individual deposit box

50% less than the current standard tariff

Other conditions according to the standard conditions of the relevant service as stipulated by the Bank

 * In case of providing one million AMD turnover within three months from the moment of registration in the processing company, the service fee will be refunded to the customer.

2. For the founder, director and chief accountant of the legal entity (in case of a sole proprietor, the latter as an individual):

Type of service


Opening and maintenance of savings accounts


Annual service fee for one Visa Gold or one Mastercard Gold payment card

0 AMD until the expiration of the card validity period

Other conditions according to the standard conditions of the relevant service as stipulated by the Bank.

 3. If, in the course of the past three months the Company has provided at least AMD 500,000 or equivalent in foreign currency as an average daily balance across all accounts opened in the Bank during the period of validity of the campaign, the Company may be eligible for trade financing without collateral security, in the amount of up to triple the average daily amount for the past three months, however, not to exceed AMD 10 million/equivalent foreign currency.

  General description

 General description

The E-COMMERCE service is designed for e-shops and organizations that want to have electronic payment implemented their website with ArCa, Mastercard and VISA payment systems. The system provides 3D Secure standards to ensure online payment security (verified by Visa, Mastercard Secure Code). The system creates new opportunities and advantages for e-shops.

  • During the transaction, the cardholder's identification is carried out (significantly lower level of complaints and hence - reduction of operating expenses).
  • Possibility to accept payments with international VISA and Mastercard cards (attraction of potential buyers),
  • Reduced level of falsification,
  • Providing comfortable conditions for e-shop customers.

The organization is first of all required to have website developed and be a legal entity registered in the Republic of Armenia, as well as meet the minimum requirements set by the payment and settlement systems for the e-shop.

To use the Service, the Company can fill in and submit the Online service application form by sending it to the Bank at the following address: [email protected] , or approach any branch of the Bank to complete the Application form.
The Bank investigates the Application form and notifies the Organization of the positive or negative outcome of the Bank's decision, within five working days.

Closing the commercial point of sale in the system

The commercial point of sale may be closed in the following cases:

  • According to the closing application submitted by the company,
  • After informing the company in writing a month in advance, upon the initiative of the bank,
  • Exclusively by the Bank, within one day, if it has received a warning from the payment and settlement systems that the company has exceeded the threshold of fraudulent transactions defined by the rules of payment and settlement systems.
  • Exclusively by the Bank within one day, if the Bank has sufficient evidence of illegal actions committed by the company or of the non-fulfillment of obligations under the electronic contract and annexes thereto.

Communication with the Bank

You may choose any form of communication with Converse Bank CJSC in any format at your own convenience, by selecting postal mail or electronic communication methods at your own discretion. It is most convenient to receive information electronically, as it is available 24/7, free from the risk of loss of paper-based information and ensures confidentiality.
List of documents required to open an account:

If the customer is a legal entity:

To be presented by the customer:


The decision of the founder established by the legislation for the respective types of organizational entities, pr protocol of the general meeting of founders( founding meeting ), if the information on shares of founder (s) , (shareholders, participants) and other data are not available in the Charter, specifically:

  • In case of the shareholders or participants being individuals - information on the size of the shares, data of the identity document, registration address, telephone number (if available)
  • In case of shareholders or participants being a legal entity - charter of the organization, state registration certificate, in case of joint stock company - a reference on shareholders with more than 5% shares, provided by the Central Depository of Armenia, Tax Identification Number, if not included in the state registration certificate

In case of being engaged in types of activities established by the RA Law "On Licensing " - the relevant license (if applicable )

Certificate of state registration / record provided by the agency of the RA State Register of Legal Entities

Taxpayer identification number ( TIN / Tax Code ), if it is not included in the registration certificate

copy (copies) of identification document (s) of the Company's manager (s) as identified by the Charter

  If the customer is a sole proprietor

To be presented by the customer:

Certificate of state registration provided by the relevant agencvy of the RA State Register of Legal Entities

In case of being engaged in types of activities established by the RA Law" On Licensing " - the relevant license ( if applicable)

Taxpayer identification number (Tax Code), if it is not included in the registration certificate

Personal identification document

Public service number (PSN) or a reference on not having obtained a PSN - not required , if the customer presents an identification card , which includes the Public service number

The Bank may require, as and when necessary, other, additional documents for opening account, as well as subsequently in the course of providing services to the customer.


The service of accepting payment cards as payment method on the Website by the Bank shall not be provided to the Company and/or the point of sale if its activities may be partially or completely considered as criminal, illegal and / or not compliant from a legal or ethical point of view with the requirements established by ArCa Local, VISA and Mastercard International Payment Systems, as well as requirements of bank's internal legal acts. In case of identifying any of the circumstances described above, cooperation with such organizations will be suspended on the same day.

In case of change in the type of activity of the company or its affiliated person(s), the product range of the goods offered for sale and/or the services provided by the company, the authorized person of the company must notify the Bank in writing of the changes by e-mail, by attaching the range of modified products, provided services and/or changes made in the sphere of activity.

In accordance with the RA Law on Combating Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing, on the basis of the Know Your Customer Principle, the Bank may require the Customer to provide additional documents or other information, as well as ask questions during verbal communication, for the purpose of conducting due diligence of the Customer.

The Bank may collect additional information in accordance with the terms of an agreement with the US Government under the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) to determine your eligibility for being a US taxpayer.

Procedure for resolving disputes

Any disputes and disagreements between the Customer and the Bank shall be resolved first by mutual negotiation, and should the agreement not be reached by such methods, the disputes and disagreements shall be resolved in court order, in accordance with the procedure prescribed by the RA legislation.

Contact with the Bank

For more details and more information you can:

  • visit the Bank's website at
  • visit the Bank's Customer Service at the Head Office or any branch
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 374 55 008298
  • Viber: 374 95 511211
  • Skype: conversebank-callcenter

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